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  1. I'm interested in the radiator and brakebooster for the ke55. What condition are they both in? Also what is your location? would you be able to do postage at all if not in the same state? Cheers
  2. Hi all I'm trying to hunt down a decent bonnet and seats for my ke55 baby. Lemme know how much you want for them, thanks all!
  3. Sorry should have been more specific. I'm after mostly reliability, economy I'm not so worried about, extra power and speed would be a bonus. Mostly after something thats easy and would pretty much go in with out too much modifying I was thinking a 5k or something along those lines...
  4. Hi everyone, the corolla you can see in my pictures, the bluey greeny ke55 is starting to blow alot of smoke and the engine is being a right pain in the arse ever for a 4k with 180,000km on the clock. decided to do an engine conversion on it, but I would like people with more experiences advice. What engine should I put in that would give me the best results and be the easiest to put in my lil rwd beast. Thank you all in advance David
  5. Hi all, I have a 1979 ke55 corolla sedan with a 4k motor. My clutch recently burnt out, at the worst time (330am whilst heading into town to pick up the missus), anyways I have a clutch on the way and I have no idea how to change it out, I managed to order a gregory manual for the ke55 to come with the clutch kit, just seeing if I could get some help and advice from here. Like what tools will I need, what fluids should I buy before I start etc. Also if people have good knowledge of how to do it, a step by step guide would be awesome! Cheers people, looking forward to the help
  6. You wouldn't happen to have a handbrake assembly would you in good condition? Where abouts are you located too?
  7. Yeah I'd be interested in all the seats as most of mine are damaged, what state are u in? also what condition are the seat under the covers?
  8. hey are you able to sell it in bits? I'm only after the cam and the thingo for the airfilter that goes ontop of the carby, complete mental blank atm haha
  9. Ill take the seats if ur willing to sell them? Also I'm after a stock cam for a 4K motor if ur sellint that?
  10. My front two seats (driver and passenger) are quite damaged and my rear seat has sun-damage so I'm seeking seats that would fit my '79 ke55 corolla. Also I currently have a big lumpy cam in my car atm but I'm wanting to revert back to the stock one. I have a 4K motor so if anyone has one for sale I'm very interested. Thanks, David
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