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  1. Gen 3 3sgte ke70 flat front BODY - 1983 beige flat front ke70 - guards are colour matched (not that well) with spray can beige. - 'Panda' front headlight surounds - spirit wing -15x6.5 and 15x7 wheels (need to be 15’s to fit over brakes) ENGINE & DRIVELINE - gen 3 3sgte (2.0L with high mount turbo manifold with splitpulse system) -gen 2 sump a believe - Rebuild t03 - Haltech e6x computer - custom intake plenum - custom engine mounts - front mount intercooler - Hilux running gear (w56 gearbox, shortened tailshaft, hilux diff)(non lsd) 5 speed - external wastegate plumbed back to exhaust - super sequential BOV - custom plenm, v8 ford throtle body - 3 inch turbo back exhaust with two hi-flow mufflers - LS1 coilpacks - bosch 044 fuel pump - Freshly reconditioned clutch slave by repco services SUSPENSION & BRAKES - Ae86 front struts with soft springs and unknown shocks - xt130 or ke55 lca not sure which but they are 300mm. -unknown rear shocks with around 5kg springs - v6 camry vented rotors and calipers front - r31 r31 rotors and calipers rear - Nissan r31 brake master cylinder INTERIOR - Standard and clean apart from carpet around shifter - Hilux shifter - aftermarket steering wheel A few of you may have seen this car down the pipeline at some stage on this site. This car is way cleaner than most ke70's and never been drifted or tracked. (never even had an lsd before) The conversion is clean and well engineered. i have taken car to a couple of shops to get servicing and exausht work done and both shops have said how good quality the build is. car will come with rego until 12/7/2013 If you are definite in buying the car i will go and get a roadworthy for you. (passed easy as a few months ago) car also comes with brand new front tyres car is all legal all plumbed back ect. never been pulled over and don't even get stared at by the boys in blue :) CAR IS FULLY MOD PLATED AND ENGINEERED FOR QLD ONLY. If you give me the right price the KE70 plates will come with the car. DO NOT OFFER ME SWAPS - the only swap i would consider is for a Turbo diesel 4x4 that has a rwc If you want anymore pics let me know. $7000 negotiable - let me know your offer. sms : 0402366123 or pm me here
  2. hey mate nice car, welcome to the club you'll be able to find heaps of info and help around the place. :)
  3. this is me representing in paris a few weeks ago. ke70 LOVE!!! t-shirt :)
  4. i would say buy one that is already quality built by someone that knew what the were doing. i cought my 3sgte converted ke70 with a heap of work done apsolutely finished on road for 5k. but i got very lucky as the fellow that built it spent 13k to get it to where it is. i did buy a ke70 for 500 with plans to build it into a fully hektik 4agte conversion. but the more i looked into it the more it made me not want to even throw cash at it. so i waited for a built one to come up and i got my self a mad bargain that is one of the best conversion i have seen in a ke70 quality wize. boo yah ke70, how do i build one? Eiffel tower, how do i build one?
  5. maybe remove the homo drift toy. should be a nice car if you don't do all the lame shit that everyother p plater is doing at the moment lol.
  6. bah other things take priority for me i wont have my clutch fixed by this weekend soz I'm out.
  7. ill come, then we will have a turbo beige ksev to push you guys up the hill :P
  8. Faun-

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    haha. i would never swap with anyone on boost anyway. i have sold a few cars on boost and have always recieved retarded swap comments. i got a msg from a guy wanting my r34 and offered me a 250cc dirtbike lol
  9. yea m firsyt two cars scraped tyres.. ʞ©$ɟin pissed me off sooo much. thats why ever since then i will always get the stiffest coilovers i can possibly find. lol doesn't mean that the green ke70 is not a nice car which it def is, i just can't stand that sound of tyre scrape- brings back bad memories for me lol. also lets not bag out drifters here ay. i mean who doesn't like e braking into a intersection and clutching third exiting?
  10. Faun-

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    why r u selling? http://www.boostclassifieds.com.au/advert/2123628-1983-Toyota-Corolla-CS-Ke70-for-Sale.html
  11. do i need a different apron to make this fit my flat front?
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