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Hello All!


Just a quick note to everyone;


id like to make a bit of an informal change around here, as to help everyone out.


How many of you click the "View new posts" button, and out of 50 new posts or so, only end up clicking on about 3 or so out of that 50?


I think its got alot to do with how people name there topics.


Ill do a quick example or 2, from new topics atm.


4wd Rear Ender = makes me think a 4x4 has had a rear end crash = boring to me ;).

Why not say "Rob's Ke55 - Rear end crash!!" ?


Have You Seen One Of These Before?? = What, a text line ? :D - How about, "A Rare Toyota, Whats it called ?" - id be more incline to go "oooh whats that !"


Ah, i duno.. maybe it just me. To be honest, i sometimes look more toward who has posted the topic, apposed to whats actually been posted....


So, Id like to ask everyone to at least have a think about it. Let me know if ive lost the plot hey :P



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