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Ke30 Sr20det Finally In


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Hey guys i just finished putting my shortened commodore diff and commodore disks in my ke30 corolla. The engine thats going in this car is a sr20de+t from a s15 and a s14 gearbox. All the mounts have also been made up and the motor has just been taken out for paint, will post pics up of that when the motor goes back in. I jusyt realised after i took all the photos that i didnt take one with the calipers on. I'll take some more photos of the car's progress, like when i put the new fuel lines and motor and gearbox back in. I just got my fuel lines back after having them made up. I got 3/8 bundy, i got them to follow the exact bends of the standard line. The side by side shot shows what a difference in size it is.


I;ve just posted some pics up of the engine fitted, fuel lines in, my engine mount and the gearbox crossmember. the car is turbo'd the air filter is just there to stop dirt getting in the plenum until i fit the turbo and manifold. Also the crossmember mount was completely welded at time of photo it was only tacked in however its all welded up now so let me know if anyone wants a photo.


motor fitted



left engine mount



gearbox crossmember



fuel lines fitted


fuel lines


Fuel lines


Caliper Bracket


Commodore Diff


Commodore Diff In


Disk Comparrison, Guess which is the corolla one haha


Disk in the strut


Machined hub with corolla bearings

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Hey man lookin good. :) :( :y: I think the commo brakes will keep you very happy. :D


Probably a bit late now but for the sr20de+t it is better to use the s13 motor as these have 9.5:1 comp which is still fairly turbo friendly. The s14 ones are 10:1, so watch your tuning and boost.

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for the price that i managed to get this s15 motor with low k's on it it worked out cheaper for me to go this way. I don't plan on running more then 10 psi on high boost and I'm going to get it very safely tuned. But i know of alot more people who are running motors like this with alot more boost and still have now dramas. Plus the high comp will bring boost on quicker. Well thats then plan anyway.

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hey mate, i got my diff shortened here in sydney at a place called craft diffs. Because me and my mate both got ours done together, paying cash, we managed to get a massive saving, it came to 1250 cash each. Which included the shortening, mini spool and 4.11 gears. If you do wanna get it done through there ask for Red, great bloke and really looked after us

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just for some info a rn10-13 diff is the right width maybe 15mm to wide not even a problem but. All you need to do is put the rolla spring mounts on to the diff and your laughing. I did mine bearing in mind i completely rebuilt the centre and installed a $990 detroit centre and i payed a over priced $400 for the diff, it cost me $1850 (5 stud hilux/faLCON PATTERN)

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Hi mate i like your car I'm sure ive seen it in my area before I'm from bankstown way, love the engine choice i was going to go the same way s15 sr20 , but i decided to go with FJ20 instead.



nah mate it wasnt my car, my car is still getting built. I'll have the pick of the engine mounts and gearbox cross member tommorrow

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I love your work. Where did you get the front discs done , and what model commo did they come off? Please keep us in the loop , it sounds great. Can't wait to hear what your quater

mile times will be .


Ben Dover


there is place called romeo engineering at prestons. Take him a vr commodore disk and some corolla bearings and he will make them fit.



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hey ben dover, the master cylinder is out of a pajero part number JB1762. it will bolt up to ke30 boosters but not ke55.


You have no idea how much that helps, thank you.


I have a KE 36 wagon , so far i have replaced the diff with one out of an AE 71 wagon to change the diff ratio, the 4 speed box was replaced for a 5 speed. KE 55 rear drums etc. I am dying to replace

the tired 3K with the 4age and 5 speed box out of any AE 86 but had no Idea how to stop it !

You have just solved that problem for me.


Thank you


Ben Dover

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