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Manual Conversion For Ae71


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This is not my work and I take no responsibility for the accuracy of the tutorial below


This is the Toymods link below

--->Read this<---


If there is anything i have missed or forgotten please feel free to correct me.



Parts Needed

- T50 Gearbox and x-member

- Pedal box

- Clutch

- Flywheel

- Master and slave cylinder and line between

- Spigot Bearing

- Manual starter Motor

- Manual Tail Shaft

- Pushrod between clutch fork and slave cylinder. ( Don't loose it as i did)

- Brake / clutch fluid.



Tools Needed

- 1/2 inch and 1/4 inch Drive socket sets

- Spanner set

- Angle Grinder

- Screw drivers

- Lever bar or massive Screwdriver

- Drill and drill bits

(not very specific i know but i can't remember exactly)




- Start by putting car on axle stands as high as possible and draining trans oil.

- Undo and remove tailshaft and Exhaust from manifold flange to connection in the middle.

- Undo and remove oil lines that go to radiator.

- Undo earth to box, shift lever, speedo cable, and electric plugs.

- Undo trans x-member bolts with jack holding it up then slowly lower it watching that you don't crush anything between the firewall and engine.

- Undo all trans bolts (lots of extension bars will help ) and remove trans making sure to not crush yourself.

- Undo and remove torque converter and flex plate ( i jammed a big screwdriver somewhere safe to stop the crank from turning when trying to undo the bolts)(use a rattle gun :D )

- Rethink whether its all worth it.

- Then decide yes

- Insert spigot bearing.(can be a pain in the arse).

- Attach Flywheel and clutch. ( i lined up the clutch by eye and it worked perfect, otherwise use a clutch alignment tool. I also used the jamming screwdriver technique again )

- Remove shift lever from gearbox.

- Attach Gearbox in reversal of removing auto.

- Jack up and attach x-member.

- Attach Tailshaft, speedo cable, earth cable.

- Re attach exhaust (rtv gasket maker ftw.)

- Replace starter motor with manual one and attach.

- Remove centre console, auto shifter, all driver side dash panels, gauge cluster and steering column.

- Remove pedal box ( I had to bend the heater tubing out the way to get to the top left bolt. I don't know what Toyota where thinking! probably that No one would ever do this ) (refer to manual pedal box if your having trouble finding the bolts.)

- Use manual pedal box as a template for marking the holes on the firewall to drill for the master cylinder.

- Drill the 3 holes.(2small and 1 about 1 inch) (I tried using a hole saw for the bigger hole but it didn't even make a dent in the firewall, so i just drilled it then filed it till it was big enough.)

- Test fit the master cylinder before attaching the pedal box.

- When it all fits Attach the pedal box and master cylinder.

- Then attach clutch line and slave cylinder.

- Re assemble the dash reversal of removal.

- Cut out the trans tunnel hole for the gear Shift lever. I covered up the gearbox so it wouldn't get shavings in it, and used an angle grinder. (Needs to be extended about 5cm forward. Markings are already there)

- Attach gear lever, screw down boot and replace centre console.

- Finally bleed the system.


Now you should be set for serious Clutch Kicking

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how hard are the pedal boxes to come across?


I've been looking around for the ae71 but 90% of em seem to auto, and cause I need a car quick stix I might have to suffer until the 20v swap :jamie:



They are getting harder to get but still around. Best to find an old rusted out 71 in a paddock somewhere and rape and pillage it for parts. Then you get everything to make it manual in one go. It can be very costly to buy it all piece at a time. I know its hard, but how much actual effort have you put in? Minutes? Hours? They're out there......... Hang out in a hospital carpark and have them come to you in overrated condition several times a day.


The only parts that are hard to get are the pedal boxes, and Gearbox cross members. You would be best advised to buy new master and slave cylinders, make a new piece of solid line yourself with a flaring tool and then get a custom rubber connection made to join at right angles to the slave. You need to do this to make the exhaust fit past.


Id say all this new stuff would cost no more than 150 dollars. Youll pay that again for a pedal box these days easily. All the other engine specific mounts come in an auto 4ac car so you will be sorted if you buy an Auto 71.

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