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Go to YouTube and search "Jizz in my pants". Best song ever.


wait a sec quick edit reread your post and retyped into youtube OMG funny as hell.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dfwz744x_Bo <--- the one i think lexxi meant?


or this one

?? still funny Edited by Budowski
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lOl That vid is funny.


My boss showed me this today...


Then I saw this later. Learn English...


Those first two were hilarious! :)


I heard the blowjob joke about 7 years ago in a email but way better in the master card commercial.

Edited by Johno
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Lol. :lolcry:


This is a very trippy video. Its an optical illusion but very cool. I'm not sure about this but i showed it to two of my mates and they each said they had a different side effect. For me things twist, for another, sparkles occur and another says things jump around. Try it and tell me what you think.

You may think it goes for a long time (1:40) but its worth it, trust me :dance:


Edit. I have too much time on my hands..

Funny As!

Edited by Johno
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