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My Ae95 Wagon


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Yeah benzo been busy at work but slowly getting the car ready for regency. It's just a numbers check as it came from interstate, but better to be safe than sorry.


So I've spent today getting stuck into detailing for the inspection on Tuesday.


Interior is nearly done, just need to clean the seats a bit more.


Wipers were rusty, and the A-pillar cover was peeling back to the chrome. Matt black...was going to take the pillar covers back to chrome (plastic chrome) but couldn't be bothered...matt black is just too easy!



Painted and re-fitted



The grille was faded really badly, so painted that. Couldn't find the original colour anywhere so went for a generic metallic dark grey - pretty damn close!


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Painted the wheels - they were pretty bad. Removed the clear cover from the red stripes on both sides (with considerbale effort), the front bumper is impossible.


I took the Toyota badge out of the grille too - reckon it looks ok without it.


Then the time came for the arduous task of polishing the entire car. Someone had been for "one last bush bash" in this thing and the tops of the doors and guards were very scratched... Lots of the scratches are still there, but some careful cutting then wet-look polish sorted most of the small stuff.


Still haven't finished off the little bits'n'pieces like bumpers, mirrors, windows etc... but I'm pretty happy with the rest of it so far.






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Car is now ready for its inspection bar degreasing the engine bay, can only find one or two things they might ping me on, main one is two big cracks in the windscreen.


Whole car came up unbelievably for how many k's its done.











These were all taken with my mobile phone...not bad for 3.2 meg


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AE95's FTW!! yes unfortunately no factory A/C in the battler packs.


needs some 15's at least under those guards with lowerage and some dark tints would set it off. My opinion anyways... what would i know 07-nyahnyah.gif


Yeah the lack of a/c sucks...but yes on the dark tint.


I'm almost at the "taking suggestions" stage with wheels...


I'm not sure if I want to lower it now, will possibly reset the factroy srpings 1 1/2 inches lower when I put new shocks in it- but it could be quite a handy little car for touring around the place, and I do tow (light) stuff fairly often. And it is a 4WD....


Was originally thinking 14 or 15 inch late models toyota stockies, black or dark grey with a thin redwall on the tyre...maybe...can't visualise it properly with the tinted windows but reckon it could look good if lowered


Or... a set of slightly wider (5 1/2 or 6") jap-style dishy 13" wheels with 70 series 185's...again I can't visualise it...it could look stupid


I don't want 15 or 16 inch bling wheels on it, thats for sure...


Suggestions/photoshops welcomed ;)

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Damn I know you said it was clean but this thing is ridiculously clean :yes:


Beat you in the mileage stakes mine had 415 when I got it but it shows it compared to yours. One of the better colours you've got too.


Dark tints (as in 5% on all the back windows 15% on the front 2) and a black roof/bonnet improves the looks ala Kevin's car.


Take the little plastic strip off the bonnet that's above the grill as well ;)

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i have one of these as well if you are looking to do a great exhaust cat back go to exhaust tech they did mine for 300 with my own magnaflow muffler i recently put some old school bathurst globes they are really rare to find they came of my mates alfa i also have a new set of extractors fitted

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Hey man nah it doesn't have the compass - I think maybe that was an SR5 thing only?


Coincidentally, does anyone know if an SR5 tacho dash is just a plug 'n play swap over? Would an SX or GTi dash fit and work?


Do all of your ae95r come with the 4wd button in the console? and ive realised my tailights are reversed. i have my brakes on the bottom and idicators on top. does any of your ae95 have that?

Hey mate no there were two different sorts, I think that was an SR5 thing?


What would this thing be like off road?



Not sure yet benzo - I'll let you know!


I would imagine the biggest obstacles would be lack of low-range gears, inadequate ground clearance and subsequently suspension travel. Would be very easy to fry a clutch in sand dunes or similar terrain.


Saying that, it is much more capable than a 2wd car and shoud prove quite useful in many situations.

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