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Upi Spotted


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Hey, I thought it would be nice to share some treasure that you have found to give members the chance to grab that rare part you're after. U pull it or any other wrecker in Adelaide.



I will start :yes:


Spotted a 5k motor at Lonsdale UPI in a CM36 van.


Also a straight ke30 rear bar on a mustard ke30.

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Oh sorry, i thought you just made a typo lol. And I was just saying that I didn't think that the rear bumper you are talking about is that crash hot. It's alright, but not the best. Wasn't trying to be negative at all. This thread is a great idea.

Oh, and you forgot about the 5k in one of the ke55's, one of the tan ones with a rusted out body. :yes:

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Went down to toyoland today and the guy Rick was there even though it says closed out the front.. but yeah he has sold the block and now getting rid of stuff. Not heaps left but this is what I found when I was there..


Ke70 5 speed box

Heaps of 3k and 4k engines.

A pile of ke10 parts. Didn't really look hard cos I don't have one.

A pile of ke20 parts. Again not sure what is there but I saw a couple of good looking bumpers there..


He is getting rid of stuff pretty quickly now so get in quick or you will miss out. Like I did on my ke36 bumper which got taken to Sims :y:

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