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Upi Spotted


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There is more to an AE71 than just the front, that front came on KE70 too. Unless I am completely blind there was a 4k residing in the bay so that makes it a KE70. If it was an AE71 I would have been on it like a fly to shit for the manual gear :jamie: Anyway I took the fender mirrors so they are no longer there. I did notice it had a 5 speed in it though. Why would you bother ripping one out from there anyway with the price they charge for 5 speeds :lolcry:



haha take the shifter off and tell em its a 4 speed... come back another time and get the shifter...

it worked for me and a mate.

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thereis a ra40celica at upi lonsdale it has extractors new looking exhaust king springs all round 3 in car 1 is just down near a white corolla has not to bad interiour parts.. also a ma61 supra not to much left of it now it has flared gaurds still.. wheels and diff gone

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