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Upi Spotted


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Anyone seen a KE70 front bumper bar in good nick around the place? These things are alot harder to find then I thought.


I needed one recently for my slant front, UPI Elizabeth only had a couple of mangled ones.

I paid full price for a bent one with the plastic off it ($66.00) had to straighten out the steel part,

and screw the plastic bit back on with stainless steel screws.

It turned out ok but, you might be better off trying regular wreckers.




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Hey Folks,


Forgot to mention this earlier, but I was at UPI Elizabeth on Saturday (22/1/11) and there was a complete white KE36 pano there, it has 13" jellybean mags on it and I think it had wingle windows on each side. Looked worth saving.


Was also a fresh 55 hatch and fresh 55 sedan, another 55 hatch which has been there for a while, another 55 sedan or two, couple 30 sedans and a couple 70 wagons and a few sedans.


I love this place - was awith a mate who needed a heap of Toyota Acorn-style wheel nuts. After a while he came up and said "I can't see any on cars...bugger!". I said "look to your feet for guidance, my son", and less than 5 minutes later we had 60 excellent identical wheel nuts rescued from the dirt!!

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Went out to the Elizabeth one this morning and picked up some goodies. Not much out there though lots of crap.


I was devastated to see a perfectly good MX36 Cressida WAGON out there being wrecked. This thing was tidy as and they are rare as... can't believe someone would have sold that to UPI for like $25. I tried to save it from the lot but they want $990 for it and some parts are already missing. Factory manual too with Air Conditioning. If it was more like $500 it would be worth saving as it would need to go through Regency etc so it the costs would add up.


Makes me so annoyed to see a rare car like that go to waste for no good reason. :bash: :bash: :bash:


That car should be dumped with Crown hubcaps and twin walls cruising up and down the coast all summer with a boatload of mates :dance:

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Yes indeed that Cressida wagon is a damn shame...


Has already been pilfered pretty badly, except no-one saw the extremely rare 4M extractors which we took today.


These pics are from Elizabeth yard, today 12/2/11


There were a couple more KE30's and a KE55 hardtop I didn't get pics of...


post-1424-031962100 1297484842_thumb.jpg


This shell was quite good rust wise...

post-1424-038446600 1297484856_thumb.jpg


post-1424-070475300 1297484871_thumb.jpg


post-1424-040469700 1297484904_thumb.jpg


post-1424-044727500 1297484915_thumb.jpg



post-1424-034857400 1297484958_thumb.jpg


post-1424-027388400 1297484927_thumb.jpg


Full set of these on the pano

post-1424-029357400 1297485023_thumb.jpg


post-1424-096685500 1297485056_thumb.jpg


post-1424-011880300 1297485072_thumb.jpg

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Just a heads up


there are a set of performance 15x7's bathurst globe look alikes with not tyres


plus there is a ke70 that just arrived with a 4k ( i think) with a asian carb with a make do sock on it and manifold


don't know if it is a stock carb


don't know much about k series


these are at the lonsdale u - pull it

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down at UPI south today i spotted an early ke55 with not much rust and some decent parts there.. Also an ae71 wagon and a few ke70s too.. One in particular looked clean and had very good front guards.

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A 20 at Elizabeth? Wasn't that bright green one for sale on eBay / Gumtree a while ago was it, or was it willow green?


That RT40 was interesting - someone had done a lot of prep work to that car, and it also had substantially bigger front brakes on it...abandoned project I'm guessing.


That MR2 had the original seats in pretty good nick...almost grabbed them then changed my mind

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