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Hello everybody i have a new toy :lolcry:


It used to belong to WPN36 but now belongs to me, as of around 24hrs ago the transaction was finalised and we both went on our way


A mate of mine and i drove my ef down to COONA-BARA-BRAN (no offence to anybody reading this that lives down there but there is NOTHING out there), and then met up with matt and his mate that was driving him up, we changed all belongings over from car to car and then headed back off on our way home.


My mate and I took it in turns driving doing about 12hrs each over the whole round trip, we left brisbane at around 12:30 friday arvo and got home at about 8:30am so thats a 20hr round trip, so if this makes no sense i'm sorry i havn't slept since 11:45pm thursday just gone :lolcry: .


Here is picture or two of it and the second picture will give you guys a good indication of what is coming in this build :hmm:


The car is a ke36 wagon sitting on some unknown 14inch steelies and s13 stockies on the rear, i have put my steering wheel out of my ke70 into it for the time being, it's powered by a slightly oily 5k (i have some nice plans for this engine and i do think it will please some members on this website), a 4 speed gear box (which will be changed to a 5speed later down the track)


matt i'm sorry I had to rip that sony cd player out of the car my mate and I got the shits cause we could only listen to music on my phone and then when my phone died at about 5 in the morning we ripped it out and hit it with a hammer :lolcry:



Anyway here are SOME pics i will get more when i wake up tomorrow from my coma hahaha :lolcry:





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Lol yeah i managed to get the cd out bud stress less i wouldn't destroy a skitzmix cd on purpose there to good to break. Some things have happened since i've had this car, i have got the rear 2 inches lower (using lowering blocks that will never see the road), and found out it drains my battery at night haha :bashhead: i will upload some pics later today

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I still can't for the life of me work out that battery issue man. I never had any issues like that. That's why I said the only thing I could think of was the cd player. Or that your not pushing the button in on the coloumn to turn the key the whole way off.

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Has the car go an alarm/immobiliser?


Nah it doesn't have anything like that man


How about WTF36 if you check PPQ it,s available


Yeah i like that Rod cheers for the idea bud


So today i took some more pics of the car for everbody who is interested :lolcry: , oh I also walked around the car tapping everywhere i could imagine the nasty little thing we corolla owners despise called RUST :lolcry: , and i couldn't find anything the only worrying parts were over the rear wheels and in the bottom of the front guards were there has been some rust cut out previously. NONE in the doors, sills (that i could find), and in the tailgate. It has a small bit of surface rust in were the tailgate sits on the body but other than that this car is pretty well rust free :hmm: .


I'm also looking at painting the car but am really undesive about what colour to paint it ANY suggestions ladies and gents???? :lolcry:


Anyways here are some more pics for the interested parties


Here is a picture of the power :P



An outside picture






A shot from the rear



this is what my mate wrote on the back window for fun :lolcry: then my misses wrote I AM underneath it (and i got into trouble for it :lolcry: )




Another out side shot


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yeah cheers TREV i have been looking into a few ideas


as trev said POS36, OHK336, OKE36, PHT36, MAD036, as curly said WTF36, OMR36, 175GNE, OCA36,



PSI36 & BLO36 is available.



thats should narrow it down for you bro just for what i know of you one of these 4 best decribes what it will look like aye you know what i mean

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I like PSI36, WTF36 and OKE36 the most out of the 3 options so more than likely when i get some money and a job i'll be deciding on a set of plates for it :ninja: then the secrets will come out haha :( how about PSIFED36 for it's name :)

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