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Music You Work To


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I'm currently listening to Flobots as its in my CD player.


But for some reason I always have the Planet of the Apes song from the Simpsons stuck in my head whenever I work on my car.


"I hate every chimp I see, from 'chipmunk' A to 'chipmunk' Z."


You'll never make a monkey out of me!!!!!!




Do you have a Rolla song?


And why and what for?

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Psytrance for repetitive monotonous crap like wetsanding... Makes me work faster


Dubstep/Breaks for mechanical... Stops me from pegging tools at the dog when I get frustrated


Minimal Electro for any time I need to concentrate... Like (ironically) electrics


Rock and/or Roll (pre 1980) for general servicing and maintenance :)


Country/Nickelback/Top40 for when I feel like lowering my IQ enough to work on something built in Australia... Which is never... Because I refuse to fix anything built in this country anymore. If it's broken, crush it. I don't care if its just a blown tail light. Get it off my roads.




/[email protected]$kinghatecommodoresfalconsandmagnas

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Budgie - You're The Biggest Thing Since Powdered Milk


At over eight minutes, it's truly an overblown 70s song. Just like my fat humpback.


But it gets the digit out of my rectum!




As for Evans choice, I can honestly say we don't agree. I'd rather slowly push thumb tacks into the roof of my mouth.

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