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Ke-30 Two Door


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Hey guys, finally got my backside into another Corolla - turns out almost 4 years is too long not to have one.


It's a 1975 2 Door, 4K, 5 Speed, and a Jap 4.3 diff.


Going to change some things in time to come.






So far replaced the carburettor, the spark plug tube O rings, gave it a bit of a tune up. Runs a little better.


Off now to replace the gasket on the back of the head its dripping coolant, replace the spark plugs, change the thermostat. And another re-tune.

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Thanks fella, spent some more $$$ on the car sorting out the mechanical drives much better, did the timing from scratch - now 10 degrees BTDC, replaced rocker cover seal, retuned the new carburettor from scratch (the needle and seat were rubbish, swapped them out for one from an early 3K carby), bowl float has been re adjusted.

Will get some more pics up soon

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Well a bit of an update for you. Pulled out the old stuffed 4K with piston head slappage and replaced it with a 3K big port motor. The new donk is quite strong with good compression, as opposed to the 4K which got louder the longer I drove it. The jap diff got very sick after a particular incident involving my boss, a dare, and a burnout - and has now been replaced with a BW 4.3. Once the 4K is gone, I can start rebuilding the K40 - it isn't broken but a freshen up will ease the mind for reliability. And finally after having many K carbies I think I will have a go at fitting a Niki carb from a Holden Gemini.

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Thanks fella, had some trouble fitting the '77 grill after fitting the 3k and re-assembling the front end, so the moment the '75 grill is filling the space till I get new clips.

In my absence of not having the internet, I have picked up some goodies - like a set of 13x7 inch Dragway Splats for $200, they have come up nicely with a polish (still waiting on tax for tyres), and I have started a dedicated LPG conversion using my old motor for a dummy fit up, all mild steel has been ceramic coated, and all stainless will be left raw. Bought a KE55 drivers mirror, now have matching mirrors.



And now some pictures


What I have here is a custom intake bolted to a modified intake manifold. The intake manifold has had the bridge between the butterflies to improve the flow. The ceramic chrome intake section, flange plates were cut on the profile cutter at work, and was all put together at work attached to my spare head. The throttle body is from a RB30 which only has a 55mm butterfly and the pipe work from the TB to the intake manifold is 51mm . All tubing forward of the TB is 63mm stainless steel and has been pumped out to 66mm at the ends for the gas mixer and TB.














Tomorrow at work I'm going to make the intake section in front of the Impco 125 gas mixer - no too much involved, also need to weld on barb fitting for the rocker cover breather.

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Ok its all done, now its time to send the Impco-125 off to my mate for him to start rebuilding everything ready for installation soon.


Here are some more pictures








And here is the mag wheels I have bought but am awaiting my tax return for some tyres


This is how I bought them, 2 with bald tyres and 2 without tyres



And this is them cleaned up, spent about 30 minutes on each wheel.





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Thanks fellas, The 3K is still going very strong, I am quite surprised that a motor that sat for 3 years is so good. I will be using a valve saver kit, and as far as I am aware the it should be ok to not use it but its a fail safe. There is still more to come, I have just bought a laser cut intake flange for a much better designed intake - possibly looking into an AMR-500 supercharger in a 5 psi draw through set up.

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Hey guys thought I would give you another installment.


Finally had the Dragway Splats fitted turns out the fronts are 6 inch and the rears are 7 inch, I've got 175/70R13's fitted all round.



Also fitted new brake rotors, pads and wheel bearings. I've never driven a Corolla with new brakes, its the weirdest feeling.





Also got the LPG installed on sunday, took about 12 hours all up which as you can guess was a very lazy pace. I haven't taken a picture of it but the gas filler is in the factory position. Upon replacing the rocker cover I discovered that the inner of the motor is very clean - have never seen a K motor this clean.






I have however discovered that after the conversion I have lost power, and that it is extremely difficult to tune properly. At a guess at the moment the car is consuming about 20L/100KM. To tune this I'm going to need an oxygen sensor and a Jaycar E.G.O kit to tune the gas right.

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