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13B Rotary In Ke70

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Hey rollaclub memebers.

If anyone needs to know how difficult it is to get a 13b rotary into a KE70 Corolla, I can tell you. I've done this.


Things to consider:-

-turbo or N/A

-gearbox type

-fuel injected or carby

-series of rotar

-type of corolla KE70 or AE71

-budget $$$

What I chose:-

-N/A (extend port)150-200hp

-RX5 5spd Gearbox

-48mm IDA Webber Carby

-Early 4 port 13b w/ s3 RX7 electronc distributor.

-KE70 (clean no rust)

-Less than $1000 (lol) all labour done myself. Already had engine, cost about $2000.


Okay for those of you that still want to read on about what complications I came across here it is.


My first thing I should have considered was put the rotary into a AE71 body, this is because they already have the pedalbox to suit a hydraulic clutch master, which rotaries run. Also that the KE70 4k pedalbox has a pull type clutch pedal fulcrum, its completely different to what you need to get the clutch operational.



After perchasing a AE71 pedalbox, clutch master, clutch lines, removing the whole dash assembly, cutting a hole out of the firewall for the clutch master and adapting the pedalbox. I was ready for the next complication, the trail fitting of the 13b to see how it can be placed in the car.


I sit the motor and gearbox in the engine bay roughly where the gearbox mount goes and tried levelling the engine with the KE70 gearbox cross member custom fit to my rx5 gearbox mount.

The way I fit this 13b in is front engine mount and gearbox mount only, (copied from RX3 design) Lowering the engine in I found the steering shaft coming out of the firewall hit the back RH/S of the engine and would interfere with the exhaust.

Not only that but the gearbox tunnel even with the narrow rx5 gearset needs room for the gearbox release bearing fork, which was hard pressed against the firewall at this stage.


How I overcame these problems.



I moved the steering rack to the RH/S 40mm by cutting the original rack mounts off and welding them in position. Other conversions i've read lower the rack. I found my way works ok provided you buy a steering extra lock spacer to make the LH/S rack end longer, and then shorten the RH/S rack end this will centralise your steering.


Gearbox tunnel:

What i did wasn't really recommended as I beat the tunnel out for hours with a 3 lb mini sleage hammer. I only did this because I didnt have a welder suitable for welding tin to make a new tunnel, otherwise I would have cut the tunnel out and made a new one. It needs to be similar to the way you cut the firewall on a 4A-GE 20V conversion for the distributor.


...to be continued.







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Members dont see this ad

I can help you out a bit.


Been trade qualified Toyota technician for about 3 years now, and own rotaries since i was 16.

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what a mish... w did one in a mates k370 years ago an didnt have that much troubles... we welded mounts off the rails an used s1 rx7 bot (not that good) but didnt have to smash tunnel out or nothing...

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Tried doing the conversion as simple as possable without doing to many customizing.


It worked out to be pretty cheap seen as how I already had the engine in my garage.


More to come...

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anymore updates on this.. soo keen to do this just need to know of anymore more complecations before i attempt it myself. if not ill rebuild a 4age bigport. :)


cheers mark

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Just more on this write and as mentioned how to fit the engine in similar to the RX3,


BTR Performance make crossmembers you mount the engine on, using a 12A Turbo timing cover,




Yes i know it says gemini on the site, but measure up a corolla chassis rails and send it to them, and engineered also


To mount the gearbox i have seen HG holden bracket under some conversions

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Yeah the RX70 is done, just need to save up to make it sit a lot better on the road, it's been a while since I've written anything on here. I started working full-time at Toyota again to get some money flowing in.

Trying to get Coilovers all round instead of granny suspension, also I want to get a different intake manifold and side draft carby for it to go harder.

Its all work in progress. It drive's but its just a bit Kiwi spec atm. Lol...


I'll post some pics of the skids i done.



Edited by Rocky_RX70

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