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My Daily 67 Ke10 - Not So Daily No More


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so its back on the road running draw through setup for now, until I build 5K and get everything I need for EFI.


However it idles at around 2k..

Does anyone know anything about zenith Stromberg 175 CD things?


I have read that they have a temperature compensator and a bypass valve which can cause similar issues to this, anyone know of an easy way to test this?

I don't believe there are any VAC leaks, so I'm thinking its more something in carby...



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Should be an air/fuel ratio screw on the side of the carb which adjusts the idle. Screw it in and out to adjust it or adjust the tension of the throttle cable. Plenty of videos on youtube for that sort of stuff! its easy to located too, its a flat head screw thats spring loaded :thumbsup:

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