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My Daily 67 Ke10 - Not So Daily No More


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I have owned this for a while now, I'm the second owner.

I bought it of the original owner which was a sweet old lady that kept my number for somewhere around the 10 year mark.


Car has no real rust in it at all, only very minor surface rust on the front of the car which look like they were caused by stone chips.


It has a dent on the drivers front guard, and the vinyl is average.


But for a one owner 67 car, I'm pretty happy..


WIll not be doing anything to this. (seems this plan didnt last)

All I have done is add the Venetians and the 14"s.

Getting my spare interior retrimmed to suit and will get the dent fixed.


She looks beautifull though.




newer pictures.



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yeah, I'm used to it already... Although I do feel bad driving her every day sun, rain, hail... what ever.

May get a standard 4k to wack in it so i can keep the original K.. Its still healhy as fk so it may be worth keeping it that way...


just wish there was an easy way of lowering it, would use blocks in rear seeing I'm not building a race car, but the front is just a pain in the ass.


Thats the only objection I have against it.




easiest thing is to keep it standard, and keep playing with the other one.

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Top daily!!!!!!


Go 5k man, I've just gone back to a STD 4K after having a reasonably punchy twin su'd 5K then the 100rwkw blown 5K, it's soooo slow!


Lowering is easy. Ditch the transverse leaf. Get a set of ke20 shock inserts, ke20 strut tops with top spring perches and ke 20 low springs!! Laughing you'll also need a front sway bar though.

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this ke I don't really want to do anything to.. to nice to modify, would go 5k but can only legally go to 4k.

and I'm not building it for performance, but if I could go up hills it would be a bonus.


is there any way of getting the standard front lower without massive mods?


got quoted 600 to reset the front leafs which seems a little excessive.

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As Stu said ditch the front leaf, it limits how low you can go.


Get a ke70 springs and chop it to the height you want and then have a pair made to those specs and fit it with ke20 spring hats. Lower and stiffer to protect your guards

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