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Ke20 1Gr-Fe Vvti

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Peal sticker off, paint dash white again... Install new carpet, Bride seat and a Classic nardi and the interiors done. I've modified the accel pedal so its no longer a floor mounted one.




The cars done...


Everythings basically finished, except it doesn't start!!!!!!


Somethings wrong and i'm not sure what it is, got a mate coming around this afternoon to sort it out since his supposedly the King of 4a's haha!

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ae71 radiator installed


Car runs awesome, it's so good. KE20's and 4a's are meant to go together.. shame mines blown up twice already




out it came




The T50 was ʞ©$ɟed that i put in, and the motor was slapped together by the bloke i bought it off.......... Had random rod caps in it causing it to not get any oil pressure..



SO i'm building a 4a smallport atm for it.. blacktop bottum end and a 16v head. I'm going to get proper RWD water set up as i don't like the FWD crap......

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Explains a bit lol.


Motor will be in by tomorrow night and rebuilt. 11:5:1 comp, 272 cams, rebuilt... serviced head etc blah blah blah... haha




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Looks like someone burnt some valves and cheaped out on a full new set there....


Just whack some liquid metal on the piston man, she'll be right! haha.

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well farkin heaps has happened to this car...


Where do i start... blew the 4a up... so kinda rebuilt/slapped one together.....






-Smallport block and head

-blacktop pistons, rods and crank

-Bigport cams

-Smallport oil pump -- blacktop internals








^ ^ ^ That motor lasted 1 day...... ʞ©$ɟ knows whats wrong.


I should've taken more care when building it instead of slapping it together........ so onto motor # 5




SOOOOOOO dropping motor off to Norwest engines to have the bottom end built, and the new motor has a reco head on it.... soooo hopefully by next friday it's running again and will last!!


Bought BC coilovers for it yesterday, bought an RN85 HILUX diff for it aswelll........ although CBF running Hilux diff, going to chuck a H165 Datsun ute diff ( around 7" Same as T SERIES ae86 ) into it... cheap and dirty!


Bought T3 camber tops and T3 cam gears...... THought about buying T3 pulley kit but ehhhhhh... Also picked up a really old Adaptronic and LOOM for a 4a and T3 adaptor and ITBS with trumpets........ sooo more than likely going mild 4a with a set of 256 or 272 cam's that i've got sitting around on ITBS for it....... haha!!


Oh well update soon with pics!

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Coilovers are in

Battery in boot is half installed




Front Brakes

Finish wiring

Finish wiring tuck in engine bay

Finish off the #5 engine rebuild... I think I had no oil pressure lol


Should be done by tomorrow night me hopes!

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Sooo engine #5 was in the car for another week.... This time, there was nothing wrong with it. It blew smoke on startup... It is a solid motor, But a friend has an ae86 notch that we put a blacktop 20v in and pulled the old Jap 16v with ITB's and adaptronic out.... sooooooo that's gone into my car now.







The two culprits




Dodgy maltese helping me at 3am




Got it fired up and runs pretty good.. has a big flatspot though..... Finishing wiring ATM.




Looks sickkkk!

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