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Ollie's 4Age Ke70 Wagon


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So ahhh it's been a while.. Haven't forgotten about the old darlin, slowly ticking along after a fair while sitting untouched. Not much to show for three years though..

Welded a plate in to cover up the holes where the rear bumper poked in, as well as filling in a couple of other holes

20181023_164320.thumb.jpg.2199ed8209fa321fb74a28dd1862e2eb.jpg 20181026_164359.thumb.jpg.83d4f358369f56053532ffe32a9501a9.jpg

Roughly mounted the new front end up. Going from slannt to flat, I need to do some trimming of the rad panel to get the quadllight buckets to sit back far enough which is a bit shit as it's painted but ahh well. Will get touched up


Got around to modifying the linkage for the quads to get rid of the push rod style setup. I bought a joiner/balancer/cable pull from Efi Hardware, but it required a bit of modification to fit. I had to flip and shorten one of the butterfly shafts so that I had the two round ends 1mm apart inbetween the two sets of throttles. Also had to drill and tap a hole into the side of one of the throttles for a modified bolt and spacer/bush to act as the idle stop adjustment and full throttle stop. Bit hard to explain but you might get the idea





Turns out i don't have a pic of it all together yet but it works a treat.

Then had to make a new accelerator cable mount that hangs underneath the manifold. Bit overkill with 5mm steel plate but all I had at the time, shouldn't flex 😂


Bought an Aeroflow catch can/breather that was a bit bigger than I'd hoped, so had to make a bit of a nifty bracket to hang it behind the passenger strut tower. There's a flat spot and two holes on the rear of the tower so I just used those. Welded some studs on to make it a bit easier to install. Starting to think I wouldn't mind an ac/dc tig to make things a bit nicer but we'll see how we go with that one


Waiting on a few things to tidy up the fuel system, running new 5/16" hardline with proper fittings either end to go to rubber hose. Almost went down the braided line and AN fittings road but it was just going to look bulky and cost a heap. So just getting a pair of proper hose barbs welded onto the rail to keep it nice and simple.

Doesn't look like three years work but ya win some ya lose some I guess haha. Just stoked that I haven't caved and gotten rid of it tbh 🤘 Cheers, Ollie.


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