How To Build A Rally Car

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Well, about the end of last year we finally got all the shit out of the shed!  Then the timber mezzanines were taken off in tractor-sized sections and stacked outside.

That left the steel posts...  We started with cutting them off5a767bbf3dfb1_Firsthalfofmezzout.thumb.jpg.55dbd5a9656e4464e3fd99ce3ade9ef6.jpg

and chopping the concrete down 100mm with a jackhammer..  (nah, he wasn't, that was my job!)


Soon we found we could haul most of them out with a tractor-


and stack them outside!


we filled in the holes and did a lot of cut 'n fill to level the ground, and then compacted it-



Which is where I left it for Xmas....   The concreteman dropped a load of crusher dust there and I hear Steve has spread it inside and levelled it. Now we are just waiting for the concreteman to find a gap in his work to get the slab poured.  Slowly slowly, its all getting there!  3-phase wiring throughout after the concrete, paint the floor, re-make the mezzanine about 6mx3m and 2.3M high, get a two-post hoist in..

At least the wrist brace has gone and Steve can't use "but I'm a cripple" as an excuse anymore!


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When are you going to build a rally car again?


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