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My 4Age Ke70/ae71 Build :d


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This is my first build. So please take it easy on me if i make or say somthing like a complete noob.


I have been researching for a very long time nearly a year. i had a ke30 at the sart and was going do a conversion in it brought a blue 55 as a daily to drive around why i did it then for some reason i sold them both (don't ask me why :( ) after have no corolla for a few weeks i could not handle it went out and brought a white manuel ke70 with a 4k had that for a fair while got real seriouse about the conversion and decide to sell it off and try find a ae71 with a 4 ac and t50 in it so i was already half way there sold the 70 been looking for a fair while now finally found one probaly payed to much for it.. but this is the only one i found as a manual and ive been looking for a while now.


only down side its un rego :(





pick the car up this weekend have a good look over it make a list of stuff i need to get it where i bealive it could get over the pits.

take it over get that wonderful list they always give you fix those few things up and then go back.


4age time :)

once i get the car rego I'm gonna get a front wheel drive toyota seca pull the 4age wiring and ecu out of that.

and hopfully with out to much hasle get it runny once running I'm gonna go get it al linced


then in the future when i get the dollars I'm loooking at coil over bigger brakes and turbo :) but ill need diff upgrades and all that first so I'm dreaming a lil there..



I have a fair bit of mechanil knowledge so I'm gonna go and try do it all myself whats the worst thats gonna happen??


tbh the installing the motor and all that doesnt bother me I'm just worried about the wirring to be honest read alot about it but tbh i think it sounds alot easeir then it is...


ill try make weekly updates to let everyone see how my progess is going.



I'm always open for info help advice or anything I'm only new to the game so any infomation is appreciated



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ok bit of a update i went and picked the car up saturday.

drove it home on pemits and lets say I'm a little excited to get this thing on the road it was deffently a fun little ride home. the 4ac is a huge improvment from the 4k and can't wait to put a 4age in it. be a world of fun.

once i got it home i had a good look over.

and it was a bit worse then i fort and i think i got a fair deal i probaly paid to much but it had the stuff that i was after and i can fix the down sides myself so i wasnt really to worried..


plus sides to the car


t50 gear box

flat front

just about rust free from what i can see but I'm shore after abit of sanding it will start to pop up.

came with a full seat of brand new tyres


down sides

front seats are no name bucket seats so ill need stock ones for pits

inteior needs few bits and pieces to make it nice again

needs a secound muffler under the car, just the one at the back is not enuff and car is a lil to loud

who ever did the flairs two are overrated two need a lil tlc

reverse lights where never hooked up to the t50 gearbox

has after market steering wheel needs replacing.


havnt had time or was the wether on my side to have a proper look over the car to make a good list of what i need to do and get but all being well this friday night and saturday i plan to get stuck into her and get the ball rolling.


i already purcahsed

stock steering wheel

few inteior bits

new side vier mirrors old one broken

and some other bits and pieces.



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Okay guys bit of a update I'm kinda going backwards but forwards at the same time...... -_-


so i havnt done alot of work to her yet due to work and other commitments but this weekend is a 3day weekend in w.a and I'm going get stuck into her!!!! :D


I found a complete 4agze minus the super charger for sale with wire harness and ecu for a good price and I'm not gonna let it slide.(also comes with other goodies i.e turbo manifold)


but now I'm am a bit unsure do i leave the 4age out for now get it rego with the 4ac or do i just drop the 4age in now do all the mucking around gettting it running but i dono if i could or how hard it will be getting it licenced over here in w.a heard its pretty tuff???

any one with info it would be a great help!!!! :)

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get it rego with the 4ac


As a general philosophy I always do that! If you get it running and registered at least you get to drive it around while you line up the conversion. Otherwise it just sits in the shed and the sheer enormity of the project overwhelms you and it never gets finished.

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just spent about 2 hours reading threw all the rules and regs for w.a.. and i can get it rego no worrys its says


Table LA1 Recommended Maximum Engine Capacity




Maximum Engine Capacity



(refer to notes below)


Naturally Aspirated Turbo/Supercharged


All vehicles originally weighing


less than


800 kg.


Original mass (kg) x




= max. capacity in cc’s


Original mass (kg) x




= max. capacity in cc’s


All vehicles originally weighing




800 kg and 1100 kg.


Original mass (kg) x




= max. capacity in cc’s


Original mass (kg) x




= max. capacity in cc’s


All vehicles originally weighing


more than


1100 kg.


Original mass (kg) x




= max. capacity in cc’s


Original mass (kg) x




= max. capacity in cc’s

following that the 4age will get threw fine all tho ill have to upgrade brakes and ect... then it alll comes $$$$$$$ and your right will take longer so for now I'm still going buy the 4age put it on a eninge stand and let it sit there for now untill car is rego and ready to go then ill get the few bits and pieces (fuel pump ect) and ill give it ago

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See if you can do it without upgrading the brakes. After all, you will not be travelling any faster, the 4K will do 100kph and that is all you're allowed to, so why should the same body need bigger brakes.


On top of that, I've never had the 4K brakes fade and I've given them a hard time going down tight mountain passes in the Great Dividing Range, so they are quite adequate as they are. They will lock up the tyres in an emergency so you just can't get brakes any better.


A different story if you're going racing....

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yeahh narh don't worry I'm on the same page. i think its more the "qualified" engineers that will have somthing to say....

but in saying that do ae71 use the same brake setup as a ke70????


and I'm going try my luck and send a form of and just see what there replay is it doesnt cost anything so may aswell :)

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Well, really its only a head change, the block is a 4A for both motors. You could run a 4A-C with a single cam and carbs or a 4A-GC with twin cam and carbs.


I suppose its the way people drive once they've fitted the twin cam motor that upsets the Govt, I don't see people running stock rims and tyres and stock suspension with the change in head. Somehow the Govt just sees a kid who can't see over the dashboard in a car with rigid suspension scraping along the ground on its massively wide rims and stretched bald tyres while making enough noise to wake the dead.


I'd happily drop one into The Girl's KE70 and not change anything else just to get the extra 300cc and ease of holding 100kph up hills, but it all gets so expensive and complex with the engineering.

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  • 2 weeks later...


okayy so ive been busy doing alot of research and alot of time tracking down all the lil bits and pieces i need...


the car is just about ready to go over the pits i just needs 3 more items and I'm confident ill have a good chance at it..

1. front seats you will not bealive how hard it is for me to find some standard ke70 front seats in good condtion over here in w.a


2. i have a tacho dash in the car but the clear plastic cover is missing. when i brought the car it come with a secound tacho dash but previouse owner tried taking plastic off and crack it I'm not quite shore what I'm gonna do here yet.


3. last but not least i need to buy some new tires for the rear when i got the car it come with 4 brand new tires but of course there the wrong size i swear people think just coz there both 13 inch wheels they will fit..


ive fixed all the lil pieces inside the car and out replaced couple globes and also a few hose and clamps under the bonnet....


:) I'm so excited but can not find enuff time in my day or money to do what i want atm so slow and stedy

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Standard KE70 seats are awful. I botched in some celica ones that fit me (I'm 6'3) but my car never had to go over the pits...


Regarding the plastic cover, you could try and find someone locally that sells clear acrylic sheeting and simply cut/bend your own. Mine is cracked and its on the to-do list.

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