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Dustin's Ke70 4Age 20V


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Hi there people my name is Dustin (Dskew3) i have just bought a 1982 Ke70 with a 4AGE 20V conversion. at the moment i am booked in to get a tune and a roadworthy so it should be on the road very soon. here's a list of what it has got


4AGE 20v

quad throttle body's

sard fuel regulator


2 1/2 exhaust with cat and a cannon (soon to be removed as i don't like cannons)

micro tech LT10-S ecu with hand control

Bosch coil packs

T50 gearbox with short shifter and HD exceedy clutch

front strut brace

AE86 front and rear conversion JDM disc brake in the rear with a 2 way LSD

front coil overs with camber toppers

lowered rear springs and new shocks

3 core alloy radiator with thermo fan

15x8 steelies

huge front sway bar

battery in the boot










future plans:

- check for rust (can only see a little 5c size bubble near the RHR bottom sill)

- new paint ( dunno what color )

- rear Venetian blinds

- new rims maybe hayashi sports

- engine work cam's, timing gear, higher compression pistons, forge it

plus more when i have the money to do all of this.


also i have been looking at gear knobs i don't want a stupid one need something comfy for drifting something that wont get in the way any suggestions.


Thanks for reading have a good. :thumbsup:

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It has a little sway bar in the rear no where near the size of the front one. the previous owner said it has the diff out of MR20V AE86. Got a video of it starting it takes a bit to start cause it has been sitting for a bit needs a tune as well witch it is getting next week. I'll post it soon I am on my phone.

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Ah- Dave picked that up too.. Put a stock front one back on and a Celica RA40 or RA60 one on the rear. Then try the front one that is on it and find a larger rear again. Someone on here was selling 19mm rears a while back.


Unless you really like driving wth factory understeer of course!


Other than that it looks a good buy, except the paint and the cannon! I'd paint it white so no-one takes any notice of it, and get the biggest tri-chamber muffler you can. If it doesn't have a resonator under the passenger's seat I'd grab one of those too. I like growly with big flow rather than raspy and noisy.


I assume you didn't get any change out of about $4500!

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Hi altezzaclub i will have to buy a bigger sway bar for the rear, the front is about 20mm thick and the rear would be around 10mm. the paint job looks like a spray can home job but i will prob ding it any way so iam leaving the paint as is or i might wrap it later on. as for the cannon i don't like them on small cars it makes them look cheap and they don't sound any good with a small engine. i was thinking for my exhaust if i could have 2 exhaust systems in one, one pipe would be a straight threw pipe with no cat or mufflers and the other one will have a high flow cat, muffler and hot dogs (with no cannon). both pipes will be connected to an electric actuator, it pretty much a home made xforce exhaust system. i did get a bit of change out of $4500 i was lucky. but it needs a tune and a roadworthy its all booked in to get it done on monday the 18th so hopefully it passes with flying colors.

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hay all the readers out there bit of an update got the roadworthy all done just had to replace the front brake hoses, there not cheap cost about $200 for all the hoses as its a AE86 front-end there is 2 hoses to each side. Also had to put on some shitty 13's for it to pass cause the 15,s where to big and scrubbing but other then that all was good. it needed a tune as well its making 97.5HP at the rear wheels not sure what standard silver top 4AGE 20V makes.


then after driving it for a bit i had someone check my gearbox as it was a bit noisy in some gears and was slipping out of 4 on deceleration old mate said it was bearings and possible 4Th gear has gone but wont know until he breaks it open just trying to save money to get it done.


finely got rid of the crappy cannon just got a 2inch dump pipe they painted it black so its a bit stealthy.


that's about it for know just waiting to sell my other car then i shall have money again to do more mods :rocknroll:

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not sure how much you are investing in the transmission.... one solution(in use in my AE71)... a LEEN modified J160 6 speed... LEEN takes the Toyota J160 6 speeds from Altezza's, and Lexus IS200's, and makes an enclosing front adapter that will accept a T50 bellhousing...




here is the modified J160 with the front adapter mounted, and the relocated shifter to fit directly into the stock T50 shifter hole in the floor






In my car... I decided to modify the floor - extending the shifter opening rearward, and in so doing improve the shifter positioning...



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^Cool piece of kit, pity you're restricted to clutch size with a T50 bell. Do they make them to suit W series bellhousings? Then you could run a Niteparts or similar bell with GZE clutch.


Pity????? Why a pity?? I'm running 212mm stock clutch w/blacktop flywheel on my 145whp(170hp@ the crank) smallport... and I don't have any clutch problems...... His Silvertop uses the same diameter flywheel. The original kit was developed for a 4AGZE powered AE86...... full artilce in link below photo




http://www.gearboxco...e Optimised.pdf




Take a tour of LEEN's webpage, and development - http://www.gearboxconversion.com/

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Calm down sunshine, just sayin'. It'd be nice to be able to fit a GZE clutch.


I'm not unduly irate(maybe a little :jason: ) ... just felt your chose of word ("pity") was petty and condescending....


So with out the attitude..... Why?? Why must it fit a GZE clutch/flywheel? Correct me if I'm wrong, but the GZE flwheel is heavy, and only needed to fit inside the E series transaxle. As far as hold capability, there are all sorts of stronger conventional pressure plates, and if you are really expecting a need for a strong clutch, bigger isn't better... smaller is.....





apologies to OP.... for the thread jack

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