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1974 Ke20 2 Door Sedan From Pakistan (Restoration)


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Hello guys! I bring you a 1974 KE20 2 door sedan all the way from Pakistan. My dad bought one of these (a four door) when I was in school but we had to sell it after a few years. Then my school buddy's dad also got one of these 2 door ones. Well at some point during that time I knew I had to get one of these. So here I was a few months back getting my daily ride checked by a mechanic and I saw this car standing a few garages away. I stopped and asked whose it was, and found out it belonged to a mechanic working there. I immediately asked if he wanted to sell, and he agreed if the the price would be right. So after bargaining for a little while we agreed upon Rs 180,000 ($1800). Here are a few pics of it when I handed it over to the bodyshop to work on the dings, dents and rust. Let me know what you think.























Rust. You can see the ground through the passenger footwell!!



13 inch wheels

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While the car is in the bodyshop. I am busy gathering stuff, and parts. Will post pics soon about what I have bought and car updates. Stay tuned.


I would request the seniors and other KE20 enthusiasts to advise me on how to restore this car. My wish is to:

  1. Keep the stock 3K engine
  2. Swap the K40 with a K50 transmission
  3. Lower the ride height enough to keep using it as a daily ride
  4. Go for a 114.3x4 Conversion + brake upgrade (From a KE30, nothing fancy)
  5. Bring the interior as close to its lost glory as possible
  6. Fabricate an Evaporator AC box (Whatever you call it) from someother car to fit under the dash and use the original fresh air vents for A/C (Hard?? but doable I think). Totally hate the under dash ACs :(

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks

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Its quite good overall, the rust is to be expected.


Are there any problems with going to a 4K motor? It will go just that much better...


Well I don't think its a problem getting hold of a 4K engine in Pakistan but apart from the extra 100 cc of engine displacement what else will I benefit from the swap?? Is it that much better than a 3K? They look pretty similar in size and shape.

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The 120cc of extra displacement is what you will get, which means the motor works a little less hard. They are basically the same size, I think the 3K block is slightly higher, but it should be a bolt-in swap.

Correction 4k is slightly high to accommodate the extra stroke from the 4k.

but nothing u can see unless u measure


Thanks for the info guys. I will keep this in mind when I go searching for a K50 gearbox. Might as well go for a whole 4k + K50 swap all at once. All will depend on price. We have Eid holidays coming up and markets might stay closed over the next week. Anyway will keep you guys posted.

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A few weeks back while at the local wreckers, I found two steering wheels, one is a genuine Nardi ($4) and another unknown ($10) both did not have a horn button. Looked everywhere but could not find one.


Just when I was about to give up a guy at the last shop said that he had one that did not fit any aftermarket steering. He showed it to me and there it was ..... in all its shine and chrome ..... an original Nardi horn button ($4) :)


Ok now the question.


I love all 3 steering wheels. Stock gives you that classic feeling that no other does but I think the two shown here are a bit more comfortable to drive if the car is to be used daily. What would you guys recommend??


Both steering wheels need cleaning and polishing.



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Can any of the experts please tell me which wheel this is??


It has the Nardi bolt pattern and diameter. Very good build quality and a thick handle which is rubber, not leather. No Logos or text on front or back.



Brand Unknown??

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Looks like an old Momo Montecarlo from the 70s, like the ones fitted on the 914 Porsche. Picture only for reference. No logos front or back? Made in Italy missing? Could be a copy...




But it can't be a momo as the bolt pattern and bolt diameter is Nardi, but the horn button is smaller one like Momo and as I have checked only a few brands make this bolt pattern




Grip Royal


I had a look at their websites but could not find an identical steering.


Its too good to be a copy as its feel is even better than the Nardi.

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