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Starts and runs. Have to fuel up carby to start though

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Ok so this KE30 has been sitting for 10 years. 

Ive managed to get her started and running. But she only starts if you put fuel in the carby first. 

I havent dealt much with carby engines, is a rebuild kit something I should be looking at? 


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You'd better give it a general going over-  a compression test, check tappets and then ignition points gap and timing.

Once you have a better idea of the general health of the motor, start with the fuel pump.  Disconnect it from the carb and see if it is pumping fuel at cranking speeds. A blocked fuel filter would make it difficult at cranking speeds too.

Then take the top off the carb and clean the needle & seat where the fuel comes in. Take out the jets and the idle screw then squirt fuel or carb cleaner through them and through the drillings in the carb body. I just use a small syringe without a needle.

When its back together check that the accelerator pump actually pumps fuel into the throat, and that the choke closes over the throat and opens the throttle.

A rebuild kit doesn't do much really, unless the accel pump is not working, the problems are usually from sludge drying out over the years and blocking jets & drillings.

Here's the general picture-

Aisan exploded.jpg

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Hi Madelaine,

                     From your posts regarding your car back in July, in the Electrical Section, you thought you had a starter issue.  I gather the new starter you purchased removed that issue, & the KE30 now starts OK, but won't start or run, unless you manually fill the carby bowl with fuel.

You said previously, that the fuel pump was working, as it was delivering fuel to the carby inlet. (presumably when you disconnected the inlet pipe)

If that is still the case, then the cause could well be, that the fuel can't enter the carby, because the very very fine fuel filter in the inlet to the carby is blocked.

This filter is not visible, & many don't even know that it is there.  You have to take the top/lid off the carby.  Remove the float, & needle carefully, making sure not to lose the tiny spring. Then take a spanner, & remove the brass seat assembly.  Once this is out, you can then see the filter, which looks like a very small sewing thimble in shape, attached to the brass seat assembly.  Clean this thoroughly with carby & throttle cleaner, until it is perfectly clean, & offers no resistance when you blow through it.

Cheers Banjo


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As the car runs after you put fuel into the carby the problem could be in the start and idle circuit. Take the top off the air cleaner and look down the carby manually rotate the throttle. There should be a solid stream of fuel coming into the carby. If not your idle jet could be blocked or the accelerator pump is not forcing fuel through the carby. The other option could be the fuel shut off solenoid is not functioning and wont let the fuel into the  start circuit. To test it disconnect the single wire unscrew the unit from the carby body.  Touch the wire on the positive terminal of the battery and the body of the unit to ground you should see the plunger of the solenoid move in and out as you make and break the contacts there should be an audible click as it operates. If the unit doesn't work swap it out and see how you go.

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