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Hiro's Ae102

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Arrived in post today: Genuine factory-option AE101 Levin/FXGT Momo 4-spoke leather steering wheel....awesome


Some photos for the non-believers:








How it looks without the horn pad.....might consider this look for track-days etc



Anyone got a TRD horn-button for a Momo wheel?

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Preliminary front bar shots - still need to get it painted (I'm not one of those douches who drives around with mis-matched body panels) and get some indicators.


Despite the lack of foglights or the lip extension (which I really hoped I was getting, but they turned out to be window trims.....) it still looks better than stock, and who knows - maybe someday I'll find another FXGT being wrecked in Japan and I'll get the extras



Old front bar off




Old v new



New on


Sunlight angle wasn't conducive to front-on shots, might try for some better ones tomorrow

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2 more pieces completed in the puzzle, only 2 remaining :jamie:



One fresh-out-of-the-mould Genuine Toyota Parts AE101 FXGT front spoiler extension



Said Genuine Toyota Parts FXGT spoiler extension added to FXGT front bar



1 Set of Genuine Toyota Parts FXGT front fog-lights




I swear it follows you around the room.....

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Very curious about the cost of that (item + import/delivery). Been wanting one for ages myself.


Which one? The FXGT bar? Bought it from YahooJP through Import Monster, the actual bid price was only about $75 but when you add comission, shipping (has to come via container as too big for air-mail) plus domestic delivery from Melbourne it came out around $350, if you got it privately or somewhere more local (NZ supposedly has significantly more FXGTs than Aus, and shipping is a lot cheaper) then you could save a bit of money.

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