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Does lightening Your Car Make It Go Faster ?


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Hi Pete,

               No it's not a DeLorean !  A bit closer to home ?  Tempted ?   It reminded me of a post I put up on here a couple of years ago.


Actually, I just put the word Delorean, into the search engine on Rollaclub, & found there are 14-15 posts mentioning this classic.

Actually, I never posted an update to my original post, after seeing one in the flesh; up close in Canberra, a few years ago.

I was down there again, just before COVID-19 hit, & was walking across the underground carpark, in the complex where my son lives; & there was the Delorean again, but this time there was someone working on it.  We walked up & started talking to the guy, who was the owner.  He had a USA accent, so my guess was he was stationed in Canberra. He told us all about the car, & what he had done to it, over the past year or so. I told him that I had seen it on TV, as when our PM (Malcom Turnbull) resigned & went to advise the G.G. in Canberra, the ABC TV crew were at the gates, of Gov House, & picked up a Delorean passing by.  He advised it wasn't him; but did advise, that there are two (2) Deloreans, resident in Canberra.

it must have been 45 mins before we eventually said our goodbyes; but reinforced to me, how passionate some people are about their cars.

Cheers Banjo

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I saw a delorian the other day on the road. on the way to Victoria point up here in qld. Pretty unique car and story.  Thats the end of my delorian story. 

As for the motivedvd xr6 turbo. I have sort of been following from the beginning, I was surprised they were able to buy one for ~3k. its basically a budget jzx100! right?:P





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Well, I don't have enough time left in my life to watch youboob videos, but I can tell you lightening a car works..

When I was on the track in Clubmans Racing in Cape Town we ran under handicap rules. I would head out onto the track for practice with everything in the car just as it was driven to the track.  After we were awarded our handicap times I took out the tools and rubbish inside and went racing.  If you didn't exceed your handicap lap time by a certain % you were OK, so it paid to be a bit quicker but not too much. The handicaps were re-calculated for the next race, so out went the spare wheel & jack & back seat.  Enough to keep me close to the front, if not on the podium.

Handicap racing is extreme, EVERYONE catches up with everyone else on the last half of the last lap, so going long the back straight to the hairpin with Jaguars, Falcon GTs, Camaros, Perana Capris all going past until the braking markers is exciting to say the least. Sorting out how to get past them under braking is even moreso!


... and the DMC is still talking about coming back!


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