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Fuel and gearbox issue


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Take the sender unit wire off the top of the fuel tank and short it out. If the gauge reads full, the sender unit is faulty.  If the gauge reads half, the wiring or gauge is faulty.

The new sender units on Ebay only go from empty to half when the tank is full, or from half to full so you run out at half. They just don't have enough range.


Throw the auto away and fit a K50 or a K40 if you can't get the first. The car will accelerate faster, actually go up hills, & use less fuel.  Buy the whole system, a flywheel, a clutch setup, gearbox and driveshaft, pedals.  Beware that the manual boxes have unique bearings that are no longer available, so once they get noisy or die that cannot be repaired.  Start saving for a 4AGE motor & T50 gearbox if you're going to keep the car!

Gearbox conversion in here-

Throw a picture up!

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The owner before me said they had replaced the pump and filter quite recently. The filter looks clean, it reads the fuel properly.... there’s no way I would’ve chewed through a whole tank in 2 hours??

Okay I will look into a new gearbox. Was thinking of eventually doing a rebuild on the 4k, love the sound of it.

Thankyou for the help. I’m sure I’ll be back when more things arise hahah

(I’ll upload a flick soon)

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The fuel pump is at the front of the engine, but the pick up point in the tank, is a long way back.  That makes the suction line nearly 3 metres long.  I have found quite clearly, that the smallest leak in that fuel suction line, anywhere between the pump inlet, & the tank pickup, will result in no fuel arriving at the carby.

It has happened to me, & the tiniest leak, reduced the suction so much, "it wouldn't pull the skin off a custard.".  I'd check the complete fuel line out, under the car, & on top of the tank in the boot.  Anywhere there is a rubber joiner is a possible leak point.  The rubbers go hard, & the leaks occur.  Replace any rubber joiners.  You'll be surprised how hard the olde ones get, after all these years.  

Cheers  Banjo

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