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Spotted Qld


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Hey guys i spoted a ke10 or ke20 not sure didnt get a good look but anywho it was orange and we don't get anything earlier than ke55's out here, it was on woolara straight between beaudesert and jimboomba, So does anybody on here own it?



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I don't want to have to do this but i need to find out who it was so i can break ya legs.


I was going to red rooster today at lunch time walking with my 2 boss's and a ae82 went sreaming past so thought yea ok i'll look out for when he comes around the parking lot.


Anywho he came round and he swerved to hit us and we jumoed out of the way.


It had a rollaclub sticker on the back of it so have the guts to own up.



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I was at Kelly's Wreckers today and I saw a bloke with a KE30 two door. We had a good old chat and he gave me his number if I ever needed parts for my KE30.


I also told him about rollaclub and tried to convince him to join. Apparently he has many two door KE30's and lots of parts that could end up helping alot of guys out. :2thumbs:


Also apparently one of his two doors has a vin number thats like 0004XX, which i thought was cool.



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