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Spotted Qld


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HI spotted this afternoon..early..sunday 25th march on bruce hwy/gateway fly over,brackenridge.

heading south a bright yellow ke 36 wagon (well i think its that model).


looked pretty neat..very nice looking wagon,


i was coming back in my toyota 4 runner 4x4 from the ormiston swap meet.




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just spotted a ke55 driving south bound on the hornibrook bridge tonight, its a dark colour, lowered, couldnt see too well being night time and all, looked tidy! :D


Yup, you spotted me......


i was heading home after dropping off a computer to a mates place.


you shoulda given me a wave. :fuzz:

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May have been mine, its pretty dirty atm. Crestmead.. mmm ive been getting around latelly tho.


I'm usualy either driving sedately or full throtal. If its the second option, you would know for sure if it was me or not haha :)

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