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    Very sorry to hear of your wife's brain bleed. Really trust you get a "Good Christmas News" that She is showing great improvement. Being Christmas, which is really for kids, & lots of fun, I can imagine, how you & your kids feel. As Dave says . . . It sucks ! I really, hope that in a couple of months, She is making a full recovery, & that you can look back at this period, as a very bad dream, in the past. I'm sure the thoughts of all of us here on Rollaclub, are with you & yours, at this time. Please yell out, if we can be of any practical assistance. "We are family",. . . . . although many of us, have never physically met. Cheers Banjo
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    Ah that sucks, few days in the future now but i hope there has been some good news for you. Sucks this time of year, but sucks in general! As others have suggested, and it seems you are all over it. Make sure you make use of the social worker at the hospital. My wifes mother works as a social worker at one of the hospitals in Brisbane. parking vouchers and what not are given out all the time.
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    Not good. Fingers and toes and everything else are well and truly crossed. At least you are in the right place, and she will be treated and cared for amazingly well.
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    Might have to do a bit of searching the forum cause i'm pretty sure this has been around in one form another. A Gregorys manual also shows how to adjust the cable.
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