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  1. This is on my spare hardtop boot that was off an xx.
  2. Keen got a picture of them on your car?
  3. Nice Colour, all i can think of is this song looking at it From Snatch Golden Brown - The Stranglers
  4. Said Scandinavian meets Nurburgring
  5. 99% sure your original grill is the late ke30 style, where as the other is usually on the early ke30 corollas. The dash is the other major style that changes between early and late ke30's. A whole can of worms is opened if you bring the ke55 styles into the equation.
  6. Beaut Car, love how your on the hunt for all possible factory accessories the cell phone photo looks almost like it came from a 90's advertisement
  7. I have some somewhere in similar condition to the one pictured, will have a look for them tomorrow.
  8. The top tube on the firewall goes to the passenger side lower goes to the drivers side
  9. just spotted "ake030" driving on Victoria st, in Doncaster. anyone here
  10. They will not fit. you would have to cut the sheet metal of the car to make them fit also the bulb holders are different so you'd need them too
  11. ha ha, nicely done, colour looks good.
  12. WGMG: My Brother Blocking my wireless devices from wi-fi. so he can play games without "ping" "lag" also WGMG more: The words ping and lag
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