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  1. If you look for a Corolla SX you'll find it in no time...... the SX is the body code for a factory fitted 4age in the AE92-94.
  2. as in the Sunday 13th of feb?
  3. I'm good at lots of things..........
  4. my mrs just got an "aze151r" so she is keen to show it off and go cruising. anyone still keen.
  5. where are you planing on meeting up? If I'm not busy i might come.
  6. Sorry guys, I was busy with family stuff. (babies are not born every day, wait they are, but not in my family). looked like fun. sorry again for missing it. Chirs
  7. That could work for me. The 3rd.......... Sounds clear for take off.
  8. did you have to cut the floor pan? if not it was a factory option, so i don't see why it would not go over.
  9. Sorry guys i'm out, I have an "Australian Sex Party" ummm party that I have to attend. Sorry again.
  10. I don't believe you at all ken. :) Your just gonna bring the Avalon.............
  11. get one and i'll fit it for you.
  12. I have been on all but 2 of the cruises, I should be there as long as some old person does not go walk about again....... September is my S.E.S. call out month.
  13. like this Sunday and any car can come........ but no r32's
  14. I'm going on a cruise some time soon, any one wanna come. Zig zag to the weir and then to the caining dam. The route will be traffic light free. any one up for it?
  15. there are 3 grills i have seen so far. early, late and Australian built. check the diff. if it is a borg you got an oz one.
  16. it that the one i had in my shed for 4 years?
  17. Lady Mc Ness drive. http://adbonline.anu.edu.au/biogs/A100345b.htm
  18. my favorite is Zigzag, Mundaring weir and Canning dam............. Awesome roads to link all three together, not a traffic light in sight. (it is even better on a cbr250rr) I always feel a cruise should be just that, not all this stop start BS. Traffic lights = GAY (like twilight amounts of gayness)
  19. my twincam is still going like always..........
  20. I bought a fair condition one for $600 with 4 months lic. sold it for $200 unlic with new boss kit, new shocks, new coil, new bushes, new master cylinder (clutch and brake) and new brakes.
  21. I might come down for a laugh.
  22. the is only one place really, the place has like 3 names. it is 20 munt street in bayswater.
  23. that car looks so, ummmmm familiar. did you get it off an old guy (os-san)?
  24. AE82, twincam with mad stockness.
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