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  1. Still chasing parts for 30 ring me on 0428188213-mark Or my brother on 0428188213 Ben I'm back in tas for a few days and he's here for the week bit we have a heap of parts if you want to make the trip up to Deloraine
  2. Any need to flip it? Just read a thread somewhere here some guy was doing that with another rolla spring pack
  3. 76 Hilux 2wd springs? Anyone know of anything like that being done to stiffen up a 70 wagon? Maybe using just an extra leaf? Thoughts?
  4. Hey man I've been out of the rolla scene for a bit just picked up a 70 wagon, what sort of suspension upgrades would you reckon for the rears? I've got a spare set of stock springs out of a mid 70 low lux was thinking I could fit them and drop but chasing info. Also what struts/springs did you use in the front want something like your set up looks sick
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