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  1. Be aware that there are only a few few brake options for the 1x family that won't turn it into a complete poor handling death trap. They are ke20,30,55 and 70 brakes. 

    I've been looking into strut changes for the last 12yrs and have found nothing even close other than ke20 struts and even they made my car sketchy at best.

  2. On 4/29/2020 at 9:50 AM, Banjo said:


    The Holley Sniper system, is expensive, by Australian standards, but is relatively simple, to implement. 


    It's also not much better ECU tech wise than an early 90's dos operated haltech either. Not that, it is essentially a bad thing, as long as the price replicates that. Look at megasquirt for instance. 

    You all missed the boat on my 4g/k motor CAS I've just sold.


  3. On 3/25/2020 at 1:31 PM, Taz_Rx said:

    Yep.... that's all it's about 😏

    Hopefully it doesn't come to that. Although another full bottom end rebuild could correct my balance! ... and give me the opportunity to throw in the other new bits. Last resort. 

    I've been fighting similar issues with my new motor for years(geez that sounds weird). If you are still getting dramas I've got a good/cheap MLS option coming when this chinavirus deal is over, I've also "copper gasket" sprayed composite gaskets to make em seal.

  4. 27 minutes ago, Doogs said:

    Awesome, changing to wet sump for simplicity?

    My motor is pretty solid (touchwood), but I will be upgrading gearbox at some point.

    Yeah, simplicity and Trav kept majority of it for the LS.

    Speaking of gearbox upgrade, I've got a cable actuated k to w50 setup for sale at moment. 

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  5. In the 48hrs I've had the 4ag, I've realised two things 1. There is a reason for the two different length head studs. 2. I will be re-blocking it before it runs again(all good have spares). All this without even undoing a bolt/nut. Pictures tomorrow. 


  6. 1 hour ago, Doogs said:

    Damn keen to see this come together Stu, will be seriously quick!

    What did you do with the old 5K driveline?

    I've got the 5k In pieces atm, will be freshening it up, with a B/P head, tomei cromo pushrods etc. and offering it for sale with a k50 and new HD clutch soon. You interested?


    keen eyes will notice no oil filler cap, it was a dry sump engine and I'll be changing it back to a wet sump. 

  7. Ok bumpity bump and I can also sell a W50 gearbox with shifter and yoke with the bellhousing. I'll take photos tomorrow and put in the first post then.

    Some or all of the EFI kit may be sold too.

    I am currently putting the 5k that was with my car originally back together as a re-rego package it can either come as a boostable package with boost cam(which I have) or I can get any re-grind for high comp too. I have a bigport head and tomei cromo a12 pushrods to go with it. I personally don't mind which way it's done, I will build it drive it down to get my car regod and running/checked for new buyer.

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