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  1. Hmmm where do i get one of those? Still up in the air with the fuel system for my 11. IF I cut the tank for an "in-tank" it's nothing to add another hole for that. I, fortunately have never had a tank that's needed any attention, soIcan't add anything to that sorry.
  2. this is the one I've just sold(I bought it off mitch yrs ago). I've also done a couple of 6G mitsi ones to nissan RB and the 4G to FJ20 for my old man. Not hard with basic machining knowledge, although you need to be pretty accurate with all your measurements.
  3. They look identical to my TTI ones but red not fluro green. Sydney tools don't sell "cheap" stuff, you should get a long life out of them.
  4. It's also not much better ECU tech wise than an early 90's dos operated haltech either. Not that, it is essentially a bad thing, as long as the price replicates that. Look at megasquirt for instance. You all missed the boat on my 4g/k motor CAS I've just sold.
  5. Bumping up... EFI setup is still for sale. Bellhousing will come with gearbox.
  6. Sweet mate, not long now.
  7. Got any of those sweet, sweet updates?
  8. Just checking in to see if everybody is enjoying their free 30 day trial of communism?
  9. I've been fighting similar issues with my new motor for years(geez that sounds weird). If you are still getting dramas I've got a good/cheap MLS option coming when this chinavirus deal is over, I've also "copper gasket" sprayed composite gaskets to make em seal.
  10. Keeping fluids in is a good thing. Don't forget I've still got that block and crank if needed.
  11. Triple post, I'll post update later
  12. Yeah, simplicity and Trav kept majority of it for the LS. Speaking of gearbox upgrade, I've got a cable actuated k to w50 setup for sale at moment.
  13. In the 48hrs I've had the 4ag, I've realised two things 1. There is a reason for the two different length head studs. 2. I will be re-blocking it before it runs again(all good have spares). All this without even undoing a bolt/nut. Pictures tomorrow.
  14. I've got the 5k In pieces atm, will be freshening it up, with a B/P head, tomei cromo pushrods etc. and offering it for sale with a k50 and new HD clutch soon. You interested? keen eyes will notice no oil filler cap, it was a dry sump engine and I'll be changing it back to a wet sump.
  15. I tend to agree. I've never fitted a 2bbl weber but I have played with a fair few V8's and fitted 4 barrel carbs both ways to make accelerator cables and fuel setups easier. It's never been a problem.
  16. Ok bumpity bump and I can also sell a W50 gearbox with shifter and yoke with the bellhousing. I'll take photos tomorrow and put in the first post then. Some or all of the EFI kit may be sold too. I am currently putting the 5k that was with my car originally back together as a re-rego package it can either come as a boostable package with boost cam(which I have) or I can get any re-grind for high comp too. I have a bigport head and tomei cromo a12 pushrods to go with it. I personally don't mind which way it's done, I will build it drive it down to get my car regod and running/checked for new buyer.
  17. Getting out of K motors so selling stuff, I'll be adding stuff as I find it. 1. K motor EFI setup. $750 7k inlet manifold, has fuel rail and reg and 550cc 13b injectors. Modified to fit Magna dual pulse CAS for individual coils. 4x rb30 coils with igniters. Haltech e6x with loom. 2. K to W50 cable geabox upgrade $550 firm Now this is a fairly rare piece, comes with fork and rubber boot. Does not come with throw out carrier or bearing but I'm pretty sure the k50 one is the same. Located on the Mornington peninsula Victoria. Prices do not include postage. Pm or reply for contact. Cheers Stu.
  18. The US use MON not RON to measure fuel octane, so their 93mon is more inline with 98ron here. So 91 is about 95-96 here. 9.5:1 with a mild cam or 10:1 with a big camshaft should still be close.
  19. Bearing in mind that the hemisphere chamber T series head don't burn all that well, if you're not using a big camshaft I'd be keeping it no more than 9.5:1.
  20. Might pay to send him a private message. The thread is 10 years old and he hasn't logged in for 9 years.
  21. Any of the 3k to 5k upgrade springs fit all the k heads. What are the best? Consult the cam grinder who is doing the camshaft, they will know what pressure you'll need.
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