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  1. Was the driveshaft checked for balance before installation?
  2. Nah Megawrecks make good bin fill. There is a reason no tuner in Aus worth their weight will touch them. They have zero flexibility in crank and or cam triggers, all I see on other forums is poor fuel economy figures or exploded engines.
  3. Wow! Gives me some hope for my 11 then. The 205 would be the biggest rear i could fit under std rear qtrs with just a lip. Beast of a street car good luck with the 9!!
  4. Aren't we all. It was an absolutely stunning condition car too. Is a leather option car factory, so he had Renault cup leathet front seat(original front seats were mint) and a ppm brake upgrade. Rolled up on my lunch break, I nearly fell over when I saw it. Once I'd lifted my jaw off the floor I thought it'd be a good idea to get a photo and slam it on here. Goodto hear you're finished with the renos. I hate doing that crap with a passion. Haha
  5. Looks like the chassis/suspension setup is working well. What rear tire you running these days? X235 et?
  6. It really does need to look something like this.
  7. Welcome Dan, unfortunately the majority of us here are Aussies, so it may be difficult to know who in Canada or even the US would be good for you. It may be worthwhile checking the area specific sub forum I'm sure we have a couple of members in BC so it could pay to send a private message as they will/should get an email notification. Now thats a cool 510 2 door sedan, we only got the 4 door in Aus. Can't seem to post a link but if you search "dirty datto" the thread for mine should pop up. She's FJ20 turbo powered and makes about 450hp at the fly wheel. Stu.
  8. Flex plate, converter and shifter?
  9. HKS gt25/30 is what I currently have, close enough to a garrett 28/71, that could change though.
  10. Have the head, copper mani gasket and inlet mani at fabricator/tuner ATM. My other fab mate is busting my balls to get the car back to finish the tunnel massage and gearbox x-member, it will then go to other fab/tuner for turbo mani. Slowly, slowly when I'm only paying for materials.
  11. Just realised I don't have any photos of the TRD head on here. Valves are 38mm and 30mm head size. Ports are 38.5mm by 36mm on inlet and 30mm by 27mm on exhaust.
  12. Finally getting to see an airworthy p51 mustang getting serviced is WMMH.
  13. He sold it to a guy in here think it was "sensless sensation" or something like that. From what i heard it shat a head gasket not long after he had it running.
  14. What state ate you located in? I have a friend in AZ who is currently looking through his parts stash for a cam. Camshaft material is cast iron NOT steel. Its a PITA to weld but can be done. I've seen cam grinders with 40yr experience get it wrong.
  15. ACL piston and the ring plants closed around 4-5 years ago. You'll only find old stock. Nason and Precision international have oversize piston but both styles they have, do have bowls in them. One is 5-6cc the the other is a 25cc d shape bowl. The ONLY flat top piston that you've ever been able to buy has been the toyota factory piston but even they were near impossible to get here in Aus. Now I've had a fair bit to do with with parts for Tommy's engine, to get those numbers has been quite difficult. Ive got no idea what the new cam specs are but from what I can gather she's a biggin. Compression is a bit more than 11:1. On camshafts wade and crow were the only grinders that were interested in doing a hydro grind. The difference in ramp rate on the cam from hydro to solid is huge, you cannot run hydro lifters on a solid cam or vise versa. I do have proof of what it does when you do too. Oh and wade cams no longer operate so your only real option is a solid.
  16. Cheers Red, although she's looking a bit tired atm. Soon to be sorted though, i purchased a pepsi sticker kit off ebay from Europe, well that ended up as a complete cluster f%€$k and stickers ended up being completely wrong. I've got new standard style stickers with the majority in a nice dark gold and a few in silver, just need to choose a colour for the fairing base.
  17. If you need anything for the engine let me know. Parts, machine shops or help with assembly. What's a riding season? Haha. I usually ride all year round, with the exception of rain.
  18. Do you have any good dash shots of this thing Ted? Lol. It is great to see you're getting good use out the beast.
  19. Haha. He may not have stressed about the extra bolts, not even sure why they are in there to begin with, they are quite small. Here's why I didn't think it is a good idea. 1. A 7k head is most likely, going to be a 5-10 years newer than a 4k head. Less time to corrode and go soft from running or detonation. 2. Lastly the ports on the 7k head are far superior than a 4k flat top piston head(4k-u's are rare in Aus). I now understand the situation that ke35seyorita maybe in. Thanks Jeremy. Ke35seyorita as Jeremy's already said I'd grab a used 7k and 4k head gasket and check your main passages. Can't be too far out. Stu.
  20. Looking good Jono.. I've always had a soft spot for the 1x wagons, I'm very interested in getting one or a sprinter when the 11 is finally boosted.
  21. Nope, not a good idea. The 7k is wider and they also have two extra head bolts than a 3,4,5k.
  22. I actually have a set at home for a motor I'm doing(were not expensive either), I may need slightly shorter ones to deal with the TRD head as she's a bit shorter than a standard bigport head.
  23. I've still got the spool conrods, but the standard A12 pushrods probably wont like what I throw at this engine. Luckily enough there is a guy 10min up the road that makes custom pushrods.
  24. Not a whole lot, mainly the expensive things. Haha. Elite series Haltech(maybe the new street dash too). Clutch for the W series. Fuel system. Intercooler. I may get some new custom pushrods too.
  25. You can all be assured, there is updates. Just no photos. Haha Ok so I now have 7/16 arp head studs. I've ordered a custom M.L.S head gasket(once ive seen the quality I'll buy 10 and offer group buy). I have also acquired a new diff and half made some 4140 hubs for a 5 stud convo(I'll leave that for later). The block is off getting the cam bearings pulled and hot tank ready for cryo treatment. Not everything, but with no photos it's enough for the moment.
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