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  1. Thanks for the 5k David. Nice to meet you.
  2. Shouldn't be too hard to find. Maybe most auto shops may stock it, a bearing shop will definitely stock it. Below may help.
  3. Oh and also can be known as "gun blue paste". I've hand scraped many a mill/lathe slides and gib plates in the last 22 years, my old boss liked to restore old machinery.
  4. Pm sent re 5k block. Stu.
  5. It most likely be "bearing blue", I doubt that you'll get it at bunnings will most likely need to go to a proper tool shop. It is mainly used for hand scraped bearings.
  6. Reports, reports, reports!!! F&#$ing night and day! Bumpsteer is next to non-existent, it still tracks a bit with the semi's on but still much better than the ke20 junk. 4kg is so close to right, were chosen after a corner weight check, by my F1 handling engineer mate. Needs more neg camber than -0deg 28min and a touch more caster but I may have latched on to a set of ke20 camber/caster plates and will try some stuff and report back. Have my super swish copper mani gasket at the laser cutters to digitize and cut my turbo mani plate. I do have an mls gasket coming for approval for a 5k if it works I'll do a group buy for that(mine is coming with clearance for 7/16 head studs.) I really wanna smash that K record that bad it stops everyone else even trying!!
  7. That would have been a good test for the new rad. Melb was stinking hot round that time. I've just put a new set of Munroe shocks in the 11, can't give any impressions yet as I'm waiting for a wheel alignment. Are they still the 25-3810 part number for the ke70 ones?
  8. If you look at the earlier photos on this page(mainly the one on the green chair) you'll see it runs two coils with one being a feather weight one that sits in bind at ride height but extends with droop. Helps keep it all captive. Oh and with those brake tabs I will need to cut them off the front and I'll re-weld it on the rear of the strut. It is just me being pedantic is all, the brake lines will need to be remade otherwise. And the sway bar mount hits way earier now, only got about a turn and a half of lock at most.
  9. I haven't used anything else on std rebuild engines for years. Try from the source here http://www.precisionintl.com/ Might be a bit cheaper.
  10. Did you paint the back of the block, when it was rebuilt? If yes, then chuck an earth strap from starter bolt to body and you should be peachy. The starter usually earths to the back of the block, can't if paint won't let it. Happened to me many, many years ago.
  11. I'd be willing to have a look. I'm living in Cranny south atm. Do you have a Gregory's manual? I may have one, I'll have a look. I'll pm you with contact details tomorrow. Stu.
  12. I think roll racing would be a blast. Only a couple of events in Vic last year for it and only just got the datto finally holding more than 17psi. Congrats on getting to the finals, I've heard some crazy machine's attend those events.
  13. Thanks for the offer mate, I purchased a whole front end from the knobbler about 4yr ago. Got struts, steering arms and tie-rods(i had to shorten the old ones for the 20 arms) I went 4's as I'm sick of it skipping the front through slightly rough corners. This should make the front more compliant over the bumps.
  14. Yeah we'll have to see. Tommy runs same shock and spring rate, seems to work well with his 11, I think it's a suck it and see type of thing. I did also order 5's they should arrive today.
  15. Ordered Friday, arrived yesterday. Can't say enough how good otomoto are!!!
  16. I have a geniune toyota set in std size with total seal gapless rings. I pulled em out of my 5k. Yours if you need em. Thats if the bores are ok.
  17. So these are on the way. HSD sleeve and spring kit with 4kg springs. Otomoto are such a pleasure to deal with and so far I'd highly recommend them.
  18. Looking tidy mate. Running full sequential?
  19. This ^^^ This is a well known problem for late 80's and 90's Toyotas, only did this yesteray on a non turbo jz80 supra. Air gets trapped in the T/B area and tricks the ecu to believe it's running cold.
  20. So I'm deciding on if I go coilovers or not. Probably go 4kg springs.
  21. Ok, the Munroe ke20-55 shocks arrived today, look well built. Now the spacer in the wiki, is 5mm too long for this insert and I reckon if you turn 5mm off the length you'd be perfect. I'll do this tomoz and get photos, just in case. Issue #2 the ke20 spring I have is about 20-30mm too short to be captive. The spring i have has a free length of 240mm. It also is about 1.5-2mm too big in diameter to fit in the perch on the strut. I'd think with some mild heat and vice grips it would fit. A 270mm free would be about percect id think.
  22. My 4k atm has same logo and a 3 between 3 and 4. Not sure what the number means, could just be a casting run number. Going by you're comp readings it either half f'ed or low comp to begin with. I know you got it as an unknown engine. So may i ask how consistent is the fuel there? Maybe previous owner slapped in dish pistons or a flat top piston head so it didn't rattle itself to pieces.
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