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  1. That is a common misconception mate, we don't drink Fosters, i personally haven't seen anyone drink it since the early 80's, let alone seen it for sale in bottle shops.
  2. I saw a sizable gain in economy with the sprint 500, went from high 10's to low 11's ltr per 100km to about 9-9.5 on avg now. That's on E85 too.
  3. Most definitely is possible and I'd say almost expected. You have pulled a good amount out of the map and it's atomizing better, that will always change economy for the better. Do you run lean cruise?
  4. Good luck Si. Keen to hear how it went today.
  5. Haha. You'd be mortified by what happens with fresh $25k+ engines next door then.
  6. Where is your sense of adventure?!?!
  7. I'm really only hoping to use the w50 for the purpose of finding what I'm needing converter speed wise. Well maybe a couple of passes and some circuit stuff.
  8. Let us know how the button clutch is in the real world. Clutch and brake aus recommend the exedy hd saying it's got like 1000kg of clamp pressure. He had no reply when I asked if it would hold a 12-15psi 2 step launch on a 205 radial. Oh also those rings are a chrome faced top ring so they may breath a bit until they seat properly.
  9. As states I'd like a 3spd from a ke3x to ke7x. With torque converter, flex plate, rear yoke and shifter would be preferred. All conditions will be considered. I may also be interested in swapping a working K50 with ke35 shifter, but won't come with throw out bearing carrier. I do also have a new heavy duty clutch that I have for sale and a flywheel that I could do a good deal on Let's see what ya got. Stu.
  10. Looking surgically clean Matt, well done.
  11. I disabled the wifi permanently on my laptop, my ex asked "why can't your laptop do internet?" In which I replied "it's a special automotive one, it's only for tuning." She wasn't the sharpest tool, that one. Wifey has probably done you a favor Matt, no suckerbook can only be a plus, even if you miss the panel.
  12. The hilux diff from memory is still well within the ballpark(weight wise) of a commo/skyline borgy diff. k50 aren't that bad mine is still chuggin along and that had 120rwkw and double the torque of taz's turbo car. But yeah the vast majority could do with a birthday. I may look into looking at one after I swap the turbo motor and either my W50 or an auto. I've done 2 7k convos they really only need a small section cut from the sump or crossmember to clear and the mou ts just need about a 5mm slot cut to work. That was with a 2x and 3x though. I did here wispers a while ago from a prominent OG Rclub member that the sump or crossmember mod(either work) was not needed for the 7x chassis only mildly elongating the mounts as the blocks are a hair wider.
  13. The 7k is not a "bolt in" conversion though, still requires sump or crossmember mods to fit. The 5k is the biggest "bolt in" engine.
  14. I'll keep you in mind but ATM it's sold pending pickup.
  15. Good to hear Matt. You really need to up the comp now! 👍
  16. That's awesome news Colin. All the best for a short stay..
  17. Ok so i have a 5k short motor(no head) that is no longer needed. It is currently pulled apart needing a freshen up which is why i had it in the first place(guy who I was building it for forgot about it). It is missing a camshaft and a sump and maybe a couple of bolts. It does have NOS rollmaster double timing chain with the keyway adj sprocket, set of new Crane cams SBC solid lifters and datsun A12 pushrods. Located in Frankston sth Vic. Price: in pieces it would be $250. If you'd like me to build it, we could work something out. Would prefer pickup too. Contact: PM, reply or text 0415694387. Stu. P.s it is currently in storage so I'll grab it and get photos tomorrow.
  18. Looking good mate!! Bring it north for a test and tune at heathcote park.
  19. What type of 5k? Mild, hot, boosted? A mild 5k id go, 0.3mm on the top two rings(could run the second a touch tighter on a stock N/A) and oil ring rails 0.27-0.3mm. Never file the expander(zig zag ring)of a 3 piece oil ring it sets the tension. Usual rule of thumb is 4 thousandths of an inch per inch of bore diameter. Plus more for boosted engines.
  20. How true. As Matt said good to hear on her being more stable. Hopefully not finding a source is a good sign too. Thoughts and best wishes mate.
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