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  1. Getting out of K motors so selling stuff, I'll be adding stuff as I find it. 1. K motor EFI setup. $750 7k inlet manifold, has fuel rail and reg and 550cc 13b injectors. Modified to fit Magna dual pulse CAS for individual coils. 4x rb30 coils with igniters. Haltech e6x with loom. 2. K to W50 cable geabox upgrade $550 firm Now this is a fairly rare piece, comes with fork and rubber boot. Does not come with throw out carrier or bearing but I'm pretty sure the k50 one is the same. Located on the Mornington peninsula Victoria. Prices do not include postage. Pm or reply for contact. Cheers Stu.
  2. The US use MON not RON to measure fuel octane, so their 93mon is more inline with 98ron here. So 91 is about 95-96 here. 9.5:1 with a mild cam or 10:1 with a big camshaft should still be close.
  3. Bearing in mind that the hemisphere chamber T series head don't burn all that well, if you're not using a big camshaft I'd be keeping it no more than 9.5:1.
  4. Might pay to send him a private message. The thread is 10 years old and he hasn't logged in for 9 years.
  5. Any of the 3k to 5k upgrade springs fit all the k heads. What are the best? Consult the cam grinder who is doing the camshaft, they will know what pressure you'll need.
  6. If you are constantly running 98 premium you could easily get away with 11:1 and a bit static comp. You'll need upgrade valve springs for either. Twin 40's would be close to right. 38mm bike carbs work well with real similar combos.
  7. Nah I'll be putting the 18psi spring in the gate to start with, made 240rwkw at that with a slightly smaller turbo. That's more than enough for a sub 800kg car. Front suspension will get 6kg up from 4kg springs and some form of vented brake upgrade with a 4x114.3 conversion. Back will probably end up being shortened BW from a 31 skyline.
  8. Not sure, I asked him and he hadn't really noticed any increase. My tuner has it in his barra block and done drag challenge, it posed no heat issues for the week. Only time will tell.
  9. Engine grout is sort of like concrete, you fill the water jackets with, to stabilise the block. This one is only half filled to the bottom of the water pump.
  10. You're not wrong. Won't be grabbing it till mid March, but I'm 80% sure the deal is done so. IT'S A 4agte! Setup made 360rwkw last time it was dyno'd. Engine specs are: Semi-grout filled 7rib block. Mrp billet crank. Spool conrods. Sps 9.4:1 std bore custom pistons. Mrp 7/16 head studs. 312° Kent camshafts. Ported bigport head. Garrett gtx30. Microtech Ltx10(won't be staying long) Got some W5x bits for it already as I'm not getting a gearbox for it, but seriously considering a built Ford C series 3 speed. Probably won't have it in and running till late this year but really all I need fuel system, radiator and intecooler(the old ones which I'm getting are from a ke70) and a clutch and I'm golden.
  11. Well, the CA18/20 bottom end is sold. Was offered a seriously good deal on a sorted engine that I put together for a mate a while ago which will make chasing an 8 a lot easier. I will be putting the 5k back together as a 11:1 motor, re-registering the car then changing it over. All I'm going to say until I have done the deal is it's got two cams and a touch more capacity.
  12. Coming along nicely mate.
  13. Ok, once you've decided which path you want to take, I can point you in the right path to someone closer than Vic. I only have a spare set of 4k rockers, I thought I'd kept the new lifter and a12 pushrod combo but I must of gone with one of the 2 5k's I had sold a while ago. BUT FIRST, you'll need to make sure the 3k head is a "bigport" or not. Does it have a welsh plug in the back of the head or is it a 4 bolt plate? If it's a plate it really isn't worth your time messing with a cylinder head that really isn't any better than what you have.
  14. 3 and 4k rockers are adjustable, 5k aren't. Not sure if 3k and 4k are different, only ever had 3k's for the bigport heads(everything was scrapped). The ramp rate on a hydraulic cam is different to a solid cam, so unsure if you can change the rate. Probably best to start with a 4k cam. Where are you located I may be able to help with parts.
  15. Nope the head height is pretty different. It'll either need custom pushrods or a non hydraulic cam with solid small block chev lifters datsun A12 pushrods and 4k rockers.
  16. Send him a private message. It will send him an email, thats your best bet mate.
  17. Dude, the last post was over 12 years ago.
  18. Hey Darren, how are you mate? It's unfortunately slowly and i'm also considering a slightly different direction, well, maybe haha. Gotta have a plan B! Pretty sure it is a 12.99, well that's the quickest one I've seen, was/is a white ke30 pretty sure it's a Sydney car. But that was a long time ago though. Ultimately I'd like around an 8.90 out of my car that's obviously not with a "K", well I should fess up, about 4 months ago I bought a CA stroker short block stupid cheap full of spool gear, so that technically could be plan B but I've also been researching the Honda stuff too.
  19. I've seen the same symptoms in my ke11 and my father's old FJ20 swapped datsun 510. I had the "signal" wire for the regulator to the battery wire post on the alternator, it apparently loses the 12v signal and stops charging. May not be your issue, just thinking out loud.
  20. Ok. The only real way to know if it's a 4k-u or 5k head is the lugs under the plug holes. I have never seen a 5k small bowl piston engine ever, so I cannot confirm or deny if they have lugs or not. I've seen a lot of inconsistencies with those casting numbers, so I personally don't worry too much about those. I've personally had 2.25mm or .090thou decked of a 5k head recently and was no problem, in saying that though, you really need to match what you're taking off the head to what comes off the base circle of the camshaft. Well that's if you're keeping or have a hydraulic cam. Valve clearance to piston(for those playing at home) is still plenty with a mid sized cam and the big dish piston.
  21. Nope not even close.. the deck of the piston sits 3-3.5mm down the bore. Whoever started that rumor years ago needs to be shot. I'll post about the rest when I get back from work. It will be long.
  22. 2:10 is the thumbnail pass and she's sitting on the bumper.
  23. Haha not likely, ended up getting $24.5k for it, went to a panel beater/painter about 15min up the road(still get visitation rights). Pretty good deal considering it made 272rwkw last week on the hub dyno next to work(only ever made 250rwkw on rollers because of traction problems)
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