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  1. Try http://www.lauriamotorsport.com.au Or Next Gen race cars in Hallam Victoria. Either should be able to point you in the right direction.
  2. What K are you using? Should s%$t it in with a 4 or 5k. that blown 5k I had made really close to 145hp at the wheels on 11psi. All it had was a blower cam, pot screw adjustment microwreck abacus oh and stupid low comp. The sc12 is probably a bit small for a cammed 1500 too. Just weld the wastegate shut. Let it have everything and when the turbo grenades itself just chuck a $200 eBay China special that's a touch bigger on it.
  3. Me neither, I don't even think Pozmans old high comp, bigger cams, ITB'd CA powered 55 kept up with my old budget blown setup. That was $1250 to put together, with the tune, can't believe I sold it either. It should make a bucket load of torque though which will make it real fun.
  4. Ah that's where it was, thanks mate. I'll have a look. I've machined up a couple of early Ford setups recently and know they work but it's always nice to see what others are doing with a front end more suited to what I'm playing with. I'll see if I can dig up a photo or two of what I've done and pm them to you.
  5. How's this all going Mr Banjo? I'm looking into a wheel speed sensor setup on a ke30-55 hub atm, I've ordered a dash with my ECU and want vehicle speed and gear used on it, added bonus it then unlocks the ability to run traction control and boost per gear etc. Setting up those crank an cam sensors is a PITA! Can also give dirty signals to the ECU at higher rpm too,
  6. Nice score on the leads, although i think it's probably more supply vs demand than takumi tax. How many more of these Mazda/Ford motors do you still see, compared to the 4ages? Still love the budget factor of this car, keeps reminding me of the $1250 blower/efi setup I had on my ke11. You need a thread for the 1600, I'd be all over it. Hey speaking of L series I've got an early L16(the ohc 1600 one) cam cover if you're interested, I'd slide it over for postage. I have zero use for it, car is for sale and it will never see another L series.
  7. How's tech going? Get the injector going or new one?
  8. WMMH a mate/customer I have been looking after his 4agte development/build over the last couple of years, made 368rwkw the other night at like 8-9psi lower than the(small amount of head room) boost limit I suggested. Oh and it's still alive, pretty stoked since it's still 1600cc and std port "bigport" cylinder head. But what really MMH was the super freaking sexy Modena racing gears 6spd sequential dog box he's got behind it..
  9. TBF all things considered, a sorted 4af "should" be pretty comparable with the 4age, theoretically the lesser valve angle of the 4af of 11deg is more in line with what f1 and large capacity non hemi head drag race engines use. The problem lies with the really small torque based port size,cams and lower comp. It would probably cost $2+k to port the head to get it close to flowing similar to a smallport 4age. I made a set of 12.5:1 4af pistons about 10-12 years ago for a customer that had wild ported head, Ti valves etc. and a set of 312deg rally cams. Never heardback from him though. I do remember who did the cylinder head and I'm pretty sure Clive Cams in Lillydale does his camshafts(He doesn't advertise as he doesn't need too), if you decide to do it they'd be the people to get in touch with. You'd need to either sort out a larger carb and dizzy re graph too, or convert it to efi. First I'd do is a comp test to check bottom end conditions and think about it from there. One other thing to think of is most 4age cars are driven as designed, hard so may need a refresh too.
  10. It can usually be a sign of over clearanced pins in the pistons. In saying that, it usually only seems to occur in really long stroke engines. The noise will usually be at around 2,000-3,000rpm. An over clearanced pin will not usually make too much, if any noise at idle.
  11. I'd be checking gudgeon(wrist) pin to piston clearance and ring clearance. Pin clearance should be no more than 1/2 a thousands of an inch and ring clearance should be no more than than 2 thousands of an inch. The rings can be checked with feeler gauges but the pins really need to be checked with a bore gauge(too tight for telescopic gauges) and micrometer. No sign of valves just nicking the pistons?
  12. S$%t hot mate. How's it drive?
  13. Ah you should have mentioned you were going to be down earlier. Could have sorted you on a guided tour of the maintenance hanger(life member of the club I'm with is head of maintenance there). Other than the p51 they had in for service, they are also building a mosquito from very few parts. In the museum itself, I'd have to say the Boomerang and the jet hanger would've been my favorites.
  14. Hows the tuning going? I have seen a few of the old timers do it with a vac gauge, never really took much notice of it as I prefer to use a wideband o2. Those wheels suit the sedan shape perfectly. I'd love a sedan that shape with a 20v in it.
  15. That is a common misconception mate, we don't drink Fosters, i personally haven't seen anyone drink it since the early 80's, let alone seen it for sale in bottle shops.
  16. I saw a sizable gain in economy with the sprint 500, went from high 10's to low 11's ltr per 100km to about 9-9.5 on avg now. That's on E85 too.
  17. Most definitely is possible and I'd say almost expected. You have pulled a good amount out of the map and it's atomizing better, that will always change economy for the better. Do you run lean cruise?
  18. Good luck Si. Keen to hear how it went today.
  19. Haha. You'd be mortified by what happens with fresh $25k+ engines next door then.
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