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  1. Welcome aboard dude. RA28 is the 'Mustang back' ones aren't they?
  2. Nice trophies but that thing is appalling to me
  3. Where do you work exactly :dance: I saw that a few days ago and was actually looking for it again. Good timing. If you were to instead of just touching the top, stuck your finger all the way in would it exert pressure and squeeze your finger?
  4. This thread needs to be pinned.
  5. There are so many early model cars out there with rota conversions already though registered and everything. Some of them got through before things became really strict but there must be people, engineers, around who will still do it. Pity none of them live/work near me. Ive only heard No's from everyone I've asked :P
  6. 25's FTW, that will be all :P
  7. Oh and those 3 youtube ads are awesome. Love the little finger :P
  8. I don't like the ad. The message is blurred. Its showing people that its not cool to speed and drive like an idiot when in fact it is. Its why people build cars that will do it, why they visit the track weather for drag, drift or circuit. I think its meant to portray that its not cool doing on public roads in public places. Good concept attacking the 'size' factor of young males but it does not distinguish its intended point properly. Thats my 2c anyway.
  9. LOL, interesting take on things. All i ever wanted was a bush bomb and a spare paddock to trash out the technique :dance:
  10. Wanted something that no one else was really into. Wanted something that would later suit a rota but didnt look like a mazda. Thats pretty much it.
  11. They look amazing, would love to know what they are called as well.
  12. That first pic looks mad, love the shape.
  13. I'm not a definite on this one yet. Rolla is out of reg and trying to engineer/roadworthy new car.
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