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  1. what combination of driveshafts/CV joints did you end up using?
  2. Ill grab that centre console off ya Ill send you a sms and come grab it an arvo during the week
  3. What a great day even without my car there Lookin forward to see the skid pics and vids :) Thanks to fonzy for being the photographer for the day. Pics look awesome
  4. Ill be there. Shame that 2 of my 3 rollas are currently getting a facelift :( I don't wanna be limited to 80kph in the grandpa ke26 so ive invited a few cars ive worked on so ill jump in with them. Got a 4age Ae71 and 1uz hilux definatly coming See yas all next week
  5. Easiest option is to buy a roll of yellow (ign outputs) and blue (inj outputs) and get each colour texta for the tracer you need You wont be able to get every colour you need from any auto elec supplier.....ive tried
  6. There are only a few ecu's that will be able to run the vvti correctly Id say go with the haltech platinum sport 1000 It has enough inputs and outputs so you can maintain all factory features like aircon, idle control, vvti etc...
  7. Thats the spirit! You wont be dissapointed with the haltech.
  8. Id go with haltech! Ive fitted and wired plenty of all different haltech ecu's Best bang for buck is the sprint 500 I even have a sample harness to suit 4age as ive wired a few 4ag's All the sprint and sport series have internal map rated up to 22psi. You CAN use existing temp sensors but for the sake of $40 each i use the haltech ones as you get the new plug which makes my harness look neater. Also most of the original sensors would be 20yrs old now anyway. They do work with dizzys and CAS you just have to play around with the trigger filters to stop interferance to the signal If you didnt mind spending a bit more dosh the ps1000 is an awesome ecu I run one on my ke20 with the racepak dash.
  9. cheapest way would be to get a 3tgte turbo manifold with a ct20 turbo. i have my old custom manifold which has a t3 flange and tial 38mm wastegate flanges on it gathering dust if you were thinking of going for a larger turbo You will also need a 2tgeu efi manifold and ecu if your's is a carby engine. Standard internals mine ran 7psi and made 120hp at the treads. Now its a built engine making 280hp on 18psi so you can make power with them just depends how much u wanna spend
  10. Just gotta make sure that your alternator is up for the job It may struggle to charge the battery and run all your add ons A commodore battery (n50) which can come up to 550 CCA will start your engine with no worries even in the boot An oddessy is alot of money and i don't think it what you need
  11. Awesome pics guys Glad that we drove alllll that way and even got as perfect spot on the beach for all our cars and kevs gazebo and awesome snitzels and coronas supplied by mick and his girlfriend :) Had a good time with the Radrollaz boys and girls See yas next cruise
  12. mate what are your bank detaials? ill deposit some money as soon as i get your details. PM sent
  13. yeah i can do it, but you will have to tow it my house and if you could leave it with me for about a week or 2. Price depends on what you need wired factory/aftermarket ecu?? fuel pumps? battery cables? battery in boot? hidden wiring? extra gauges? my prices start from $500. cheers, justin
  14. yes they are fuel only. would highly reccommend aftermarket if going for more power.
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