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  1. Best write up on this conversion to date. I just got myself an AE71 donor car and am hoping to get a start on this conversion in the next couple of months so this will be really helpful. Jeez you're keeping the folks at the Orange wreckers in a job :)
  2. Hey guys, I'm in need of a second car and may as well get something that I enjoy driving. So anyone with ke30/55/70/AE71/AE82/92 with NSW rego please let me know. Call Dave on zero-4-three-4553277 Must be manual. Willing to spend up to $2k must be reliable as I need to do 100km trips regularly and don't want to worry about being stuck on the side of the road. I am open to other cars besides rollas. So if you have something else <$2k with nsw rego send me a txt
  3. Hey some of you guys might be keen, easy to enter... Play Finders Keepers to win an All-New RAV4
  4. lildavo

    My Ae71

    Those were some mad rust holes! Good job repairing them. car looks great
  5. read this thoroughly http://www.billzilla.org/4agstock.htm I would honestly forget about s13 suspension. yeah, you can do it but there are better/simpler options out there IMO.
  6. you could probably get an ae92/3 sx if you shopped around at that price, which would be a better option imo. But yeh it depends on the condition of the twin cam really...
  7. Hey Altezza, how much does he want for it? and what are the chances of you bringing it back to the central west?
  8. It does look like a nice example of a standard KE70, but at the end of the day between 1980 and 1983 toyota made over 10 million of these cars world wide. They're hardly rare and when buying a 30 year old car you would be a fool to trust what it says on the speedometer. I replaced the dash in mine to put a tacho in and automatically wiped 160,000kms off the speedo... Honestly, one of the best things about KE70s is they're cheap and can be found anywhere and everywhere and are also a fantastic base to modify into something awesome. They're not exactly a rare commodity that it's worth spending a fortune on a Overrated example. It kinda gets to me when I see these for sale ads asking $3000+ for a stocker they probably grabbed out of some dudes yard for $200, preaching its their grandmas car they owned since new. I could never justify paying anymore than $3000 on a stock KE70 and it would have to be COMPLETELY rust free and straight to meet that $3k Judging by those pics I personally would value it around the $2k mark. Is there any rust in the spare wheel well? where the boot closes? rear guards? around fuel filler cap?
  9. I ordered springs through AJPS once. Took 2 months to get to me and when they arrived they weren't what I ordered and I've got a feeling he just gets a spring place in SA (aurora springs?) to make them up and then put his own tax on it. If I got springs again I would probably just chop falcon springs up, Save a couple of hundred $ and probably be more satisfied. Also lots of places are to make up any kind of custom spring with the diameter/height/strength you need, AFAIK King springs offer this service...
  10. KE70 is SOLD, still have the ae92sx $850 and you can drive your 4AGE smallport home.
  11. Still got this, had a fair bit of interest. added some more pics as people were asking about interior and rust. any questions feel free to call me.
  12. **KE70 is SOLD** Only have ae92sx now, selling for $850 REGO till January 13, car drives, so you can drive the car home then remove the motor for your engine conversion. Hey guys, Selling my KE70 as I need to get my finances sorted, very regretful sale... Specs are Suspension -Front XT130 Struts, Tie rods and twin piston brakes XT130 LCAs ST185 KYB Excell G shocks with spacer AJPS 6kg AE86 Front springs (was after 7kg and a spring to suit the corona spring perch and ke70 top but AJPS = fail) -Rear AJPS 5kg Rear springs Standard monroe GT gas rear shocks -Interior OBX Daytona fixed back bucket seat welded onto standard rails MOMO "race" steering wheel Tacho Dash -Wheels Front - SSR Mk1s 14x6.5 Rear - SSR Mk1s 14x7 all with mix-matched tyres... -Engine Standard 4k NSW Rego till 06/01/2012 Runs fine, slow cause of 4k but starts first time everytime. Also selling with the car an AE92sx with a smallport 4age in running condition. the ae92sx has been in a smash, car was bought solely for the 4AGE. It drives and has good compression on all 4 cylinders. Will need a steering wheel and a battery to drive it home (Still has rego on it till january iirc). Panels and suspension are [email protected]$ked. Had intentions of putting the 4AGE into the KE70 but don't have the resources to finish it at the moment. ***KE70 is SOLD*** Located in Bathurst, NSW. PM or call me on 0434553277 Pics...
  13. Hey guys, moving house and need to get rid of some crap thats not coming with me, if no one wants anything by next thursday it's going to the tip. Pick-up only, cannot be stuffed posting stuff worth nothing. Located in Bathurst, NSW. 1. KE70 stock front suspension (almost complete) $Free includes -struts -brakes -shocks -springs -lower control arms -castor rods -steering knuckle (missing top spring hat. all was working fine in my car before I converted to xt130 gear) Pretty much a complete strut assembly minus top hat cause I used it for my 130 struts 2. Standard KE70 Drivers seat with rail $Free good condition, brown vinyl. perfectly good seat. 3. 4kc Oil filter(Ryco) brand new still in box (this will cost you 1x premium beer) 4. Stock ke70 rear springs $Free 5. XT130 front sway bar $Free I'm also stripping the interior out of my KE70 2-3 weeks from now, So If anyone wants, seats, door cards, carpet, plastics, seat belts, etc, please PM me now and I will save those parts for you when the time comes. Will add pictures if there's any interest. Please contact me by PM on here or email [email protected]
  14. I'm with snot35. I recommend changing to xt130 corona struts with xt130 lower control arms. Just find a wrecked one somewhere and take all the front suspension out, its a bolt in package. With xt130 struts you will have a much larger range of shocks to choose from as the strut diameter is larger. I'm using kyb Excel G st185 shocks with a spacer in corona struts with lowered 6kg springs in my ke70 As far as I know xt130 are the same dimension strut as the ae86 but come with bigger brakes and you can upgrade to hilux caliper and Peugeot disc which you can't with ae86 afaik. Your choice in shocks and springs depends greatly on what the car is going to be used for. I recommend you do some research on what other people have used and what results they got. You'll find a thread on another forum with pages full of different setups people have used with the pros and cons of their setup. What are you building the car for? P.s I don't recommend ajps at all, I asked for a spring to match the ke70 top and corona bottom and after waiting for over 2 months got sent an ae86 spring instead. And all the shocks I bought through ajps I realised later I could have got them through repco or supercheap cheaper without having to wait ages and being fed crap as to why its taking so long for parts to show up at my door
  15. Looks awesome man, love those wheels. Are you having a lot of trouble with them scrubbing? If so, what are your plans to stop it?
  16. bought something exciting yesterday... now just need to get the following... -ae71 crossmember and engine mounts -t50 gearbox/gearbox mounts, pedal box, M/C and lines + tailshaft -Cut and shut Intake manifold -RWD exhaust -RWD alternator/alternator bracket -Cooling system pipes, etc I'm a bit unsure about wiring a small port up. I want to use the original loom but I've heard the wiring is far to short and I'm not to confident chopping the loom up. I've also read it's easier to just make a new loom up from scratch. the ae92sx still drives and has rego, I drove it home from where I bought it. runs really good, did a compression test before I bought it, has good compression on all 4 pots. too bad the chassis is bent lol. Also got my ass kicked by the misses for buying this before paying the gas bill :o Should be stripping my interior out and removing all the sound deadening as soon as we put another 12 months rego on our daily, cause we've been using the corolla as the daily cause our other car has no rego atm.
  17. Contact breaker gap should be set at 0.45mm according to gregory
  18. The springs rates will probably vary a bit through the different models, you'll find the xr and tickford falcon will be a higher spring rate. Does anyone know the specifics on this? I googled a bit but couldn't find anything... What's a good free height to chop them down to? Also what shocks match up well with them?
  19. I wouldn't pay $300 for an engine crossmember. I got quoted $75 from the wreckers. People are making 4a conversions to expensive by putting a tax on the parts required.
  20. Should have no worries with a rattle gun, I just removed the strut out of the car, chucked them in the boot of my other car and ran them to the nearest workshop and borrowed their rattle gun. Thought of investing in one, but don't have a compressor and the electric ones seem pretty expensive.
  21. I measured it yesterday, it is 110mm. From what I've read, boss kits for other toyotas will fit the ke70 aswell. I'll call around places like saas and see what the shortest Toyota boss kit they make is. Works bell make a 45mm boss kit, but it is fair expensive.
  22. Unknown brand, I've seen pics of 25mm boss kits. But can't find any. Asked around at a few shops. Apparently saas used to make a short one but no longer do. The one of my car at the moment is probably around 110mm
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