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Hey guys, I just fitted a fixed back seat into my car and now I find the wheel is all up in my face, not just that but I can't reach the indicator stalk with a standard boss kit.


Wondering if anyone knows where I can find the shortest possible boss kit to fit a ke70 or if anyone else has had this problem and how they dealt with it?


I was thinking if I can't find one short enough, might just cut a section out of my current boss kit and weld it back together... anyone done this before?

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110mm isnt a standard boss kit. thats an extra long one.


a standard boss kit puts the wheel in the same place as it was before, in relation to the indicator stalk.


sounds like this is what you have:




super extra long, thats what i used to have, it was awesome! but if you think its too long, you just need a normal short one.

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The AE86s require a long boss kit (110mm-ish I think) to clear the stalk. For mine though I just used a 50mm boss and a 50mm quickrelease hub for the wheel. From what I've seen, around 50mm seems to be about standard for boss kits, have you taken yours off and measured it?

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Had this one in my old ae82 - 95mm



Also was using it in the ke30 at one stage but it was a touch too long. Not sure on the length of the one i'm using now, not going to go measure it as its late and cold outside but i can say is that it came from the t-18 i once had years ago.

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Whatever you do, make sure you get a good quality one.


The cheap Chinese ones have crap threads-


Its not very nice when the steering wheel comes off when your going around a corner- I'm talking from experience here :glare:

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