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  1. Looking good. Not long and you will be on the road again.
  2. Make sure you buy one of reasonable quality, it’s not particularly nice having the steering wheel come off the boss kit whilst going around a corner (I’m talking from experience here).
  3. Would be very borderline. You will most likely will need a slight roll of guards, especially the rear.
  4. The ae86 radiator will not fit directly into a ae71 without modifications to the radiator mounting points, there are other easier options if your looking for a upgrade.
  5. Is your TPS calibrated correctly? I had the same problem with the idle on my 4age.
  6. Just clean it up and use some vinyl spray. It pays to go for the higher quality (more expensive) brands as they provide a much better finish. Vht vinyl paint link
  7. Just keep the car above 140kph then, simple.
  8. From memory joint red wires are for reverse lights
  9. Whatever you do, make sure you get a good quality one. The cheap Chinese ones have crap threads- Its not very nice when the steering wheel comes off when your going around a corner- I'm talking from experience here :glare:
  10. does this look right.... So if I'm correct, that means that the rim will stick out 7.89cm from the hub?
  11. Trying to find rims that ovoid rolling and flaring if I can Ill have a measure up tonight and see what i can fit, Cheers for the help
  12. Ok, the deal fell through on the 14's. Now looking at 15's Will 15x6.5 +5 offset on the front, and 15x7 +10 offset on the back fit without hitting anything or for the need to flair guards? Thank you for your help!
  13. Hi, I am looking at buying some ssr longchamps for my ke70. They are listed as 14 inches +6 offset 6.5inch wide, with 175/60R14 tires. Will these fit without flaring guards or rubbing? And yes i have searched and am lead to believe they will fit, but just wish to confirm before I spend large sums of money for them. Thanks.
  14. To me it looks like the one that connects to the oil pressure sensor. Its located on the left of the extractors by the oil filter.
  15. Only if it was originally off a 3a engine http://www.club-k.co.nz/Forums/viewthread.php?tid=1691
  16. :lolcry: :lolcry: :lolcry: :lolcry: :lolcry: :lolcry: :lolcry: :lolcry: That would be such a fail!
  17. They have that ssr longchamp look to them.... looks good!
  18. Can you put up a link to that? I tried to search, but came up with nothing. Sounds interesting..... hahahaha
  19. Have you checked that the connection wire from the gear box hasn't come loose form its connection? that happened to me last month
  20. Hi, The bigport 4age i have in my ke70 is leaking like a sieve from the sump where it attaches to the block. Do i have to lift the whole engine up or am I able to remove sump than reseal with engine still attached to car? or will crossmember get in the way? Thankyou for your help.
  21. Nope not mine. Have you considered going for bike carbs? http://www.club-k.co.nz/Forums/viewthread.php?tid=14837
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