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Ke70 Pajero Master Cylinder Upgrade.


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This is ONE way of doing it, and as usual its quick, cheap and easy.




NE/NF/NG Pajero master cylinder.




Old Mazda master cylinder banjo fittings. The short one was from a 626 and the longer ones were from a 121 (I think), both FWD.

I used the longer of the three. I ripped them off one in a wrecker for nothing, remember to keep the washers.




So rip out the old KE70 master, as you can see the outlets are in completely different configurations.




Bolt the Pajero one in. Here you will see the issue with the brake lines in relation to the outlets. Yes you could make up new brake lines. Looking at the gap between the master rear outlet and the 4AGE plenum it looks like it would be a tight fit possibly meaning the plenum would hit the brake line.


Front line



Rear line



This is where the banjo joints come in, I used the shorter one on the rear brake line and the longer one the front brake line. For some reason the bolt hole for the front line is shallower than the other so I needed to use an extra washer.





Total time to install about 20 minutes.

Total cost around $80


EDIT: don't know why the images are all over the place :/


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i had one in a stock keto, and since one in a keto jap 86 brake setup. Decent upgrade for both setups.


arh kool might do it knowing it aorks with stock brakes, even if it was just to tidy up the look abit, an then i gess it also allows to upgrade the brakes later aswell


cheers mate. good write up aswell B.L.Z.BUB

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From what I've read it will be but I like that, makes toe heel easier. I may need to purchase a brake bias adjuster for the rear but will wait and see how the balance feels. Or upgrade to discs on the rear.

Did you need the brake bias adjuster for the rear?

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