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Ra65 St Coupe


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Alternator is fixed. Now to head off to Repco and try to source the right or similar radiator hoses and heater hoses, as well as some vacuum lines to replace the grotty ones with. Then over the weekend Ill clean the shit out of it. Its out in the sun now airing out, as it was a bit musty inside and there was a little condensation in it when I got it.

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OK, tested the heater core, and sadly it leaks. Now I have to either pull the whole dash apart and fix it or just learn to live with it.


I fitted new heater hose, leads, vacuum lines and a fuel filter today. I wont do the main radiator hoses and belts until I'm ready to flush it. The fuel filter was the original one from 28 years ago. OMG, it had some slime come out of it. Must have been holding back the fuel as that and the leads and it instantly makes more power.


Overall drastic improvement, idles better, and more power pulls harder off the bottom. Once I find out what the plug gap is I will fit the new plugs and that should freshen things up even more.


Came up a tiny bit short on the vacuum lines and only one real issue to report. I managed to snap a barb off of a vacuum solenoid, as there's about 3 or 4 of the things in the egr and emissions systems, and naturally I had to break one. Luckily I can just grab one from any 80s toyota efi.


Its taking ages as I am cleaning as I go, well worth it, as the standard paint is still quite good.

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Thing is going great.


I found some brand new old stock fuel injectors on ebay, fitted those, as well as cleaned out the Throttle body and manifold chambers, and its made such a difference! Its like night and day. It used to idle higher and much poorer, now it idles at 850revs, 600 when its in drive, it never wavers, makes more horse power and just generally feels like a brand new engine. Goes a lot better cold also.


Now its running good, I need to give it an awesome detail and wash. Its still dusty inside from when I got it. It also needs a buff like any white car that has sat still for a long time it has some streaks on the duco.









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More good news for this car:


I have the power steering arms, missing decal, and a working ac pump on route from Adelaide next week thanks to Luke from AE86 dc.


Looking forward to cold ac for summer. Woot!


Still havent cleaned inside it, the dust is original, I can't bear remove it, haha.

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I leaned the afm out 1 click to get a wee bit leaner mixture in the hunt for economy. Drives great. I got just under 8.5klms/litre around town, which is just about what the epa claims they do, but I reckon we can do better than that.


I've also purchased a new heater core from the US via amazon for the princely sum of $109 delivered.


Now I just need to find some sort of double din stereo so I can ditch the tape deck while its apart. The one kinda crappy thing about this vehicle is it has nowhere that really lends itself to mounting speakers, its just got 2 in the dash, and the left one cuts out sometimes and I have to get all fonzy on the console to fire it up again.

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Was wondering why the fuel meter kept dropping too much for the amount I had driven, and was chasing a fuel smell from the car for a few days, and what do you know, I found where it was leaking. The pressure damper on the fuel rail was full flow pissing out, so if I managed 8.5 klm/l with that pissing, it should be a lot better now. can't wait to see.

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