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Ra65 St Coupe


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Hello everyone.


Just invested in a new daily while I take the ae71 off the road.


Its an ebay special, 90,000klm RA60 ST 2.4l 22RE Auto. It has air con and seems to be in immaculate condition. The auction has just ended and I'm anxiously waiting for the seller to contact me. I can't wait to go and look at it for the first time. I'm planning only a manual conversion and a full service for it. If the tyres are good I'm not going to change the wheels, Ill just have it buffed and tidied up and maybe headers and that's where the mods will end. Should be a magnificent daily while I'm finishing the ae86. I don't think I'm even going to lower it.


Pics from the add:








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Hahaha, while that car is my inspiration, I'm not going there. There's already plenty of try-hards being done and not enough 4tgtes' to go around on this planet as it is.


Just went and collected it.


Runs sweet. Was last serviced in 2008, has done under 250klms since the last service. Its sat for about 5 years under an old womans house as she was too old to drive. Its had a new radiator. It had new tyres fitted just before being parked up. it might have done 5 or 10k on the tyres only. Interior is great, no dash cracks, nice carpet, blue velour out the ass, tacho dash, all plastics are there and intact.


My mechanic is going to flush and sevice the oil and water systems, fresh genuine coolant, a couple of new radiator and heater hoses. All the white stuff you can see on the black hoses and rubbers is just mildew, the hoses themselves are great, the rubber items in this vehicle are all in great order. I didnt realise it this before but its has rack and pinion steering. Its also the IRS model with the 7.5 inch diff so its an ra65. Looks clean and tidy underneath, it just needs a detail more than anything.


Has bubbled tinting on the rear window, it has a service history, with services 2 years apart like clockwork into the 1990s, however from about 45000klms there is no info, but I think its still been looked after by someone. It has a GM delco battery in it, and a replaced radiator thats not very old seeming.


As far as rust its almost a non issue. Its got about half a dozen small crows feet in the white duco. Thats it. I think my painter can take care of that and buff it in an afternoon.


Ill have it back with rwc before the end of the week, then its rego time. The I'm doing a 1/2 track day in my ae71 and pulling it off the road. Since nobody is cool enough to buy it, and nobody seems to understand that while the 20v is worn out, its the least valuable part of the whole mechanical package. Meh.

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