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Ra65 St Coupe


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Its had a a more thorough going over now.


It needs an alternator and battery. I have already got the new battery and dropped it to the mechanics. There is some related electrical fault, but its only to do with the charge circuit. The fuel was well and truly off and has been drained and replaced by fresh unleaded. Its dead straight underneath. Lots of rust proofing all over. No rust anywhere barring a few spots of surface rust in the duco. The wheel arches and all panels are crisply straight. Brakes look good. Tyres look good. I gets a roady tomorrow morning. The ATF is being drained overnight, and the diff oil is being dumped and changed at the same time. Ill need to scrape the tinting off the rear window as its all bubbly and cloudy. Beyond that it really needs nothing more than a thorough detailing, and maybe a new back bumper, as this one is straight, but the skin is very weathered.


All in all, a nice find I think.












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Its now registered. Ive driven it home.


First impressions:

Engine, transmission and diff are silky smooth and quiet.

All running gear seems fine. Brakes are awesome. The mechanic had discovered new PBR gold wheel cylinders when he inspected the shoes on the rear, and plenty of life in the linings and drums. Same story up front. Brakes were replaced at some point, most likely when it had other work done around 2008.


Driver seat is comfy. Its got the 3 speed auto with overdrive.


Its exactly what I wanted from it, a cool old daily.


Now to get down to the business of giving it a great clean.


Also, I still need to find an alternator. if anyone has an alternator from a 22RE powered Celica or corona please hook me up. I can also use the YN63 4 runner alternator as its identical. Best thing is I was able to buy it one day and have it registered within 2 days. Probably a record for me in an unreg car sale. ;)

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I dunno how much you are willing to spend on the alternator, but the auto electrician down the road from me has reco'd a few for me for around $150 i think.


They are a strange looking beast the ra65, but a good condition old cool car is cool weather it looks strange or not!

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