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Updated: Rollaclub Stickers 2.0


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I think we need a font for each decade that corollas have existed. So that it can have a period style for whatever generation of rolla you choose.


60s, maybe a hotrod hand painted style lettering with scallops around it.


70s maybe something seriously disco feeling.


80s, well there is a font called street cred that would be 100% ideal for the 80s vibe.


90s, perhaps a font like the rap albums always had typically at that time, think xzibit, snoop, that kinda blinging wrapped around look.


Some inspiration

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I'll work to find some good fonts and period specific designs when I get some time.

I'll also revise some of the other designs.


How easily do we want them to be read? Someone driving past can read it, or someone following you down the road, or someone can only read it when you're parked?

That was the main motivation for the designs 1 and 2, I even tested them from afar. They are very defined and simple fonts.


The TEQ ones are readily available on eBay as it is.


I do like this one:




Would be good along the top of the windscreen.

Pending what my guy says, I don't see why I couldn't do one off large stickers with dimensions to suit different screens if I was given the measurements.

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