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Ke55-S Xx Coupe

Mechanical Sympathy

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I knew i had seen your car on here somewhere. I see you both attended the All asian day yesterday at lakeside. I had a good look over both cars, hung around to see if you were there but im sure you were wandering around like me too. Fantastic looking cars!  Couple of sneaky photos I took. 

edit. wait a minute, this isnt the LHD one. does he own this "RHDke55" and "LHDke55"?



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Aha! What a shame I didn't bump into you there Dave!

Yeah that's Steve - he drove all the way down from Rockhampton. He does indeed also have a Spanish left hand drive KE35, as well as a convertible KE55 and a KE50 liftback all done in the same colour and style. Mad keen he is.

Were you belting either of the KE70s I saw running around the track? 

It was a good day, though seems you managed to take some photos with the only bit of sunlight of the day.

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I took my e30 bmw for a drive on sunday and just parked it out side in the spectator parking on the driver training track. It was a bit of a late decision to go to the asian day but i had a few hrs spare in the morning so the brother and  went for a spin.  Very impressive selection of cars on display.

I sold my ke70 years ago, who knows why i still hang around! the white ae71 on track with the 1jz was impressive to see. The e30 is fun, but i still love old toyotas, and jap cars in general.

The e30 got belted around lakeside at the last euro day. I think there is another one coming up ill be attending hopefully too. 

Rockhampton. Steve sounds very keen! 

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