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Ke30 Doing Monster Truck Impersonations Speedway

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Here a pix on my 11yo daughter Zoe, joining the "this way up club".

Ke30's do fly.

Nyora Speedway 1/2/2014 ASCF Juniors

Her brother Donald as seen in the back ground won the final in a field full of datto's

Hmmm now where did I put that spare k frame ?


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Snapped the centre out of the mag, Wheel studs look OK however will be dumping the whole strut assby as it was one hell of a hit.

Zoe paniced and forgot to lift the right foot, the tacho recall show's just over 10,000 rpm.

  • The damage so far.
  • both rear rails twisted
  • front rails bent moving the k frame 2" left.
  • k frame bent
  • right front lower control arm bent
  • right front steering arm bent
  • inlet valve number 2 bent
  • suspect piston or ring broken number 3
  • panel damage (but this doesn't count as it speedway :thumbsup: )

Its off to the rack next week, then we string line it and corner weigh it so see how bad it really is.

The good news is 5 minutes with the grinder and I got a new wheel spacer



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