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Ke70 Turbo Sedan Project


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Super keen to see how this project pans out!

I recently got a spare 4k and k40 gearbox for $20 so a turbo build that I can swap straight into the ke70 is on the cards.


Any particular mods to the 32/36? Are you fabricating your own exhaust manifold?


Photos, photos, photos!


At this stage nothing to the carb thats why I bought a new one so it should seal quite well.

I will be using a stock exhaust manifold and making a Jpipe off that which i kinda have half done already just need to check the mounting position before finalising.


Yeah i will keep the photos coming as i do things to the car mate.

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Ok I know I haven't made any update for a while now have had a bit going on.

I will get this up to date soon.


Today i stared to mock up the exhaust manifold pipes to the turbo. now before you all laugh yes its plastic pipes and cardboard once I have it where i want I will take it to the exhaust shop and get them to make it up for me.




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Ok I have done the other 2 pipes now.

and made a bracket to hold the turbo (for mounting reasons only)

I will now take the turbo and bracket to the car with engine still in there to make sure it fits.

I have a feeling looking at it however it wont fit and will have to make adjustments but that is ok.




I have also drilled and tapped in the oil return line into the timing chain cover. I think this will work nicely.


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Hey mate, just a tip - When you get the manifold made up make sure you keep access to the manifold bolts with a socket and extension as you can with stock manifolds. I can't get to the one next to ex port #3 like that, its a bitch and I have to remove the starter motor to give me room to spin a spanner on it.

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